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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Blogging while riding

I wonder of there is A law against blogging while riding. With my new phone I can talk to text while riding my horse down the road. I can also post pictures like this

And this

And this

And even this one

Can I just say that modern technology kicks ass!

I mean I am seriously riding my horse while updating my blog this is so cool!

Happy Thanksgiving

From our family to yours

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thank You Fern Valley!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight I was asked to stop at the store to pick up a few things which caused me to be late coming home.  I called my son and asked him to go ahead and feed the horses before it got dark.

I pulled up into the drive just in time to see, not 1, not 2, but all three of my horses bolting down the driveway and on to our dirt road.  They stopped at the long grasses out front and I thought, "Oh, these silly ponies!" , fully expecting to be able circle around them and push them back to their pens where their dinner waited.

I thought wrong.

Before I could even get close enough to circle around, they bolted past me and down the road.

There is a field across the road from the end of our street and I was really hoping they would stop and graze there, but they didn't.  I started to run after them (no halter of course) doing my best to do my "dinner time" whistle, but they were not listening.

A guy on a paint horse was riding through that field right as they came into it, and they almost followed him but then for some reason (which I know the answer to now) they decided not too.  His horse was pretty worked up over the whole ordeal so he did not offer anymore help after that.

They made a hard left and headed in the one direction I did not want them to go, right to the busy road behind our property.  A million visions of them racing down the middle of the road, getting hit by a car or a truck, running into the barbed wire fence on the other side of the road, flashed through my head as they made that turn.

Just as they turned on the busy road, a guy in a pick up pulled up behind and offered help.  By now I had called to Simon to get some grain and a halter and follow, but I knew he was way behind me and these ponies were moving fast.   At first they were sticking to the side of the road. There is a nice wide median and they were happy there.  But then as we approached them they turned and wheeled, and sure as shit ran 3 wide taking up both lanes right down the middle of the street.

I thought I was going to puke.  I was running trying to keep up with them, not because I thought I could catch them anymore but just because I didn't want to lose sight of them.

Another guy pulled up and asked how he could help, but I just said, "I don't know" because I didn't.  He never got out of his car.

Then it hit me.  2 days ago I read this post over at FernValley, and I realized what I had to do if we were ever going to catch them.

I had to stop freaking out, stopping thinking about where they were going and start thinking about what I needed them to do.

I took a deep breath and thought as loud as I could, "TURN RIGHT, TURN RIGHT, TURN RIGHT TURN RIGHT!"

They turned right.  Now I don't know if it was me, or the oncoming traffic or both, but they turned, and dropped down to a trot. Helper Dude and I cut diagonal through a small empty lot (thank goodness the barbed wire was only one strand) and I started trying to focus on slowing them down.

Super awesome helper dude said he was going to go back to his truck and circle back around to the other end of the road so that maybe we could trap them.  Then I called Simon and TC.  I couldn't tell them where I was exactly, because I couldn't really think straight, and I couldn't  read the signs because I did not have my glasses.  Finally Simon saw me, and then he was able to tell TC where to go.  While I was waiting on them I kept saying, "stop and graze, stop and graze, stop and graze, It's okay just stop and graze. "  And once again they did.

I took like five hundred deep breaths and tried desperately to turn off my body.  When I could tell that they were happy to stay put, I changed my thought.   "Come to me Trax, Come to me, come to me Trax, come to me Trax."  To my complete and total amazement he took 3 totally relaxed steps right towards me. Then he said, "Yeah, not happening."  and went back to grazing.

About that time another man came up behind me. He lived right there, and he had a bucket of grain.  Life saver!!!!  I shook the bucket hoping they would come to me, but they didn't so we just waited till I had TC, Simon and other guy on one end and me and this new guy on my end. Then I started towards them. At first they were headed towards me, then Sassy started to spook and I thought we were going to loose them again. But then they saw the grain and did a complete u-turn.  I got my belt on Sassy, dude # 2, put his arms around Trax, and then Simon brought up the halter.  Then Simon got Killian with his belt and everyone was caught.

I thanked Dude #1 for all his help and he went on about his way.  Then dude # 2 went and grabbed 2 more halters for us, and Simon and I walked our 3 adventurers back home.

The red shows the path that they took on a map. The road to the far right is the busy one and just past where the picture ends is where it intersects with another busy road. It doesn't seem like very far when I look at now, but it sure seemed like eternity when I was out there.

So now looking back, I know that those visions of disaster were only fueling the fire under their feet.  Being chased rather than being "moved" with mind and body language, didn't help either.  It is possible that if I had been able to gather my thoughts and body language from the start, maybe I would not have had to run so far to catch them.  (Let me just interject that running is the one thing I have never been able to do.  I flunked PE in high school because I refused to run more than 20 feet for the coach)

Of course the fact that they didn't go straight to their pens for their food was completely out of character for any of them.  Trax and Killian went straight from the pasture to the road at a dead run.  Those two are the ones who always go to their pens. Sassy, is the only one I worry about and she was the only one who went to her pen first and then took off with the others.

Truly if it was not for the post that I read, just a few days ago, I do not know if I would have caught them when I did. Maybe they were ready, but I don't think there is any coincidence that the minute I changed my thoughts, their attitudes changed as well.

So thank you Fern Valley, thank you super awesome helper dudes, and thank you TC and Simon for helping me catch my runaways.

Next time, those horses will have to suffer being caught in the pasture before they get to go eat.

Testing testing

Just downloaded the blogger app for my phone.  This is my test run. 

I lost all my photos when I switched carriers and also my contacts wouldn't upload either. I had to enter them all manually. Argh! 

I did manage to pull a couple of my fav's off of FB. 

Here is one of my best Dakota pics. It was -10 out but the water was warm coming out of the power plant.  We were dick hunting. 

She is a water dog through and through. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Soaked to the Bone

It has rained for 2 days straight and my ponies are soaked to the bone.  On top of that, there is just enough wind to add a real chill and when I went out this morning they were all shivering.

Well the boys were. Sassy never stands still long enough to let herself shiver. She was bouncing off the walls in an effort to stay warm.

I no longer have a nice cozy barn for them to stay in, in fact there is shade )and there for a place to get out of the rain) but no windbreak what so ever.  Also the three big pens are at the lowest point on the property and so guess where all the water goes.  I have a solution for that, and it is all sitting in piles out side of the pens waiting to be installed.  Hopefully the rain doesn't wash all my fresh dirt away. I plan to build up my pens a little with the dirt being dug up from the construction of TC's shop.

So anyway, I decided the best thing I could do for my horses is just let them out. At first Trax didn't want to move, but once he realized what I was saying, "Go to the pasture" he was off like a shot.  My pasture is soaked and even flooded in some spots as well, and letting them out there will leave some hoof holes, but I prefer that to them freezing to death.  (a slight exaggeration I know)

Then I noticed that Danny's old pen is on higher ground and was completely dry under the big awning. It actually opens up to the "runway" to the pasture so I opened the gate real wide, threw in three big piles of hay and then shut the main gate. Now they can eat hay and stay dry, or run to the pasture if they so desire.  If they fight over the hay they have plenty of room to get away from each other, and most of all they can huddle close if they get too cold.

So now I am thinking in my head, of some way to add some walls to their shade.  In a way that doesn't leave sharp edges for them to cut themselves on, and doesn't give them plywood to eat.

TC is out of town, headed to ND to deliver a truck for someone.  Our poor black dog Smarty Pants is a little distressed I think. He tends to chew things anyway, but he is out of control this morning.  He chewed up one of Tom's blue suede slippers, and then deposited a lovely pile of blue vomit on my bedroom floor.

What a perfect way to start my day!

Friday, November 22, 2013

A slow Day

It is slow at work today so I did a little on line time wasting.

For anyone who has ever heard or read the book "Healing Shine" and has wondered what those in the book look like....

I found a blog written by someone who has met them and was nice enough to post pictures!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I love it when a plan goes completely by the wayside.

There is rain on the forecast and the sky is heavy with clouds to ensure that for once the weather man is correct.  With this in mind, when I walked out of my job to my car and saw that I had a little time before it hit, I knew that today was the day. Today was the day I was going to ride my paint pony, in my half lit arena, around the construction equipment temporarily housed within the confines of it's fences. (the lines got cut in a sad back  hoe incident-they will be repaired soon.)

I had it all planned out. I envisioned in my mind how I was going to just what CNJ had said, and close my eyes and envision the stop.  I was very excited, since I have not had any saddle time since the day we put Danny down.

I got home, put on my boots and then I remembered that I had let everyone out to graze. This poses a problem with riding as it requires a little work still to catch Trax.  Although I can always send him to his pen for dinner, he gets a little agitated when he finds that it was just a ruse.

So I took a chance and low and behold,  with very little maneuvering on my part, and not even one single treat or bribe, he let me walk up to him and put my arms around his neck.  I grabbed a hold of his fly mask and he knew he was caught for sure.  He jerked just a little, more of a startled response than a "trying to get away" thing.  So I stood there and just petted him and played with his mane, which is going back to its wild pony look, and thought for a minute.  I thought about the last time I had been able to do this.  I made the serious mistake of making him go right to work.  I thought about the number of times I had actually been able to walk up to him in a pasture.  4 times- 5 tops, in the 2+ years that I have owned him.

I petted him some more took a deep breath of his sweet smell, and then let him go.

Then I went and got Sassy.  We spent a little time in the round pen, I put my flex tree saddle on her, and found that I don't love the way that one fits her either.  I gave her a full dose of bute, worked her in both directions.  She threw a little half hearted bucking attempt, when I asked her to step up her speed a little, but then she was fine.  I also put the side pull on her.  She looks so cute in it.  I wish I had had my phone with me.

Finally I got on her.  She was good except that moving was not in her game plan. Standing still was.  I squeezed with my legs and kept squeezing and finally she took a step...sideways.  We kept working at it and eventually we had forward movement off of my leg...ok and a smooch, and stops off of my seat and a whoa.  I asked her to trot just a  few steps and then walk and then stop and she did so perfectly I called it a night

It was not at all what I envisioned, but it was still just as good and I am happy.  She is still lame on the left and I just don't know what to do next.  I emailed the Vet about it to see what she has to say.  I guess we will see.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Start Again

The other day I was rummaging around through a drawer and ran across my audio copy of “Healing Shine” by Michael Johnson. I picked it up and looked at the picture for a while and clearly remembered how this story, in his words, told to me with his own voice had made me feel. Warm and fuzzy, sad and hurt, elated and hopeful. I took the case out of the drawer and put it in my car. I have been listening to it all week.

 This makes round 3 or 4 that I have listened to it. I'll admit that this time I have fast forward through a couple of part, because like Allie said, sometimes he gets a little wordy and spends a full 5 minutes repeating the same thing in several ways. But then I also admit to rewinding certain sections to listen again and again in order to have those certain words stick with me.

 I had recommended this book as a great resource for dealing with a horse who carries a deep seated fear. As I listened this time I around I have begun wonder if I had been clear about what I had heard. For me this story does give some great insight into (for me) dealing with Trax and his fear and mistrust of humans in general, but the info is really nothing more than a foundation to build on.

 The biggest message being (again, for me), that if we force a horse to go into a place that he cannot mentally handle, we will lose every time. When I say lose, I mean lose the horse, not the battle. It isn't supposed to be a battle. It is supposed to be a partnership. The other message I really keep hanging on to is that it is the most difficult horses in our lives that have the most to offer.

 So what does that mean exactly?

 Does it mean that the most difficult horses will win the most ribbons, or buckles, or saddles?

 Probably not.

 To me it means that the difficult horse, my difficult horse, will take me on a journey I didn't even know I needed to go down. It means that my difficult horse will open my eyes, and hopefully my ears, as to what it really means to connect with one of these complex and amazing beasts.

 I have done a little riding lately, but not any “real training”. Mostly we just amble down the desert trails. It doesn't mean that I don't use the trail to work on a few things, such as bending at the jaw, moving off of my leg around trees and gopher holes, or backing out of impassable situations (that I intentionally put us in).

 I need to be working on brakes, and I do try, but he always seems to win out and we end up doing a one rein stop each time. I try so hard to convey my thought of “stop” with the slightest of 'ask” but he either doesn't hear me, or doesn't care. I'm not 100% sure which it is. I struggle with him “winning” all the time, as it is our issue. I struggle with letting go of that, “Thou shall not let the horse win” mentality. What I mean by this is that I keep wanting to fall back on forcing him to stop (ie. Pulling on his face) when I am trying to teach him that my butt in the saddle and legs off of his side means stop. Granted there are times when I have no choice but to make him stop for safety reasons, but my point is that I am really trying hard to teach him a softer easier way. I just don't know how.

 When I rode with Charlie Hill and he was trying to give me direction, I wanted so badly to understand and mostly to feel what he was talking about. But I never did. Sometimes I wonder if I ever will. I want to ride with him again, and hopefully next week I can, but what I really want is to see him ride my horse. I think it helps me to actually see how an experienced communicator, would convey the word “stop” to the horse that only hears “go”. I'm working on making that happen, but it is going to take time and money...2 things I am short of these days.

 So back to my thoughts when listening to Healing Shine, this morning. There was one section where Shine was making progress with not being afraid of cows, not just a little progress but good progress, and Michael was encouraged and decided it was time to turn things up a notch. So he started working Shine on a bunch of fast cows and in a few days Shine had a melt down because it was too much too soon.

 As I listened to his words here I found myself thinking of Trax, and the one thing I can not get him to do...stop.

 I remembered the days where, at a walk, I was able to just sit down and he would stop. Or at a trot I could sit down and he would walk.

 Do you remember me writing about that?

 So what happened?

 Where did I/we lose that?

 I don't have the answer to that question yet...or do I?

 Perhaps I lost it the day I said to Mark Keil, “Can we get him ready to compete in a month?”

 Maybe its time to go back to a walk, or even back to the round pen. As the voice in Micheal’s head said to him, “Start again”.   Perhaps that is where we need to go.

 Back to the beginning.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting On With Life.

This morning when I let the horses out the first thing Trax did was go to Danny's pen.  At first I thought he was still looking for his friend.  Then I realized that he was just checking to see if there was any senior feed or hay cubes left laying around.

He has moved on, and so have I.

It is interesting to see how the herd dynamics change when you add or remove a horse, and my herd is no different.  Trax is gravitating towards Sassy, and she is enjoying the company.  Sassy "belongs" to Killian, everyone on the property knows that, but Sassy likes to play.  Killian does not play.


Killian does not "do" friendship, or frolic, or fun.  He does food, and leadership, and "get away from my mare", if he thinks his authority is being challenged.

Trax loves to play, and now Sassy is his new playmate.  For some reason, Killian seems to be cool with Sassy being friends with Trax, I guess because Trax is the low horse.

No longer having Danny here, does make some things easier.  I no longer have to separate my herd for fear of someone getting hurt. This makes morning feeding time so simple.  I just let everyone out to graze.   I won't have to buy senior feed any more either.  Of course it doesn't mean I don't miss him, I'm just trying to focus on the bright side of things.

To keep myself from dwelling on being sad or depressed I dove into a project that I have been wanting to get done, actually a few of them, and was pleasantly surprised when Simon jumped in to help.  In fact he practically took over my big project and is doing a wonderful job with it.

We are building a fire pit in the back yard, so we can sit around a fire in the cooler evenings with friends.  I'm not sure why we want to do this, it isn't like we entertain a lot, but TC brought home a huge iron cone from a rock crushing plant, which we have set into the ground, and now we just need to get our paving stones laid around it.

I think it is going to look really cool when it is done.

Our other project was sort of an impromptu project.  TC is even worse about yard sales and estate sales than I am.  Yesterday as we drove into to town to dump our trailer full yard trash (tree limbs and such) we saw a couple of sales and ended up stopping on our way home.

One was right down the street from us, and I got a barely used wool fitted saddle pad, a brand new pair of shipping boots, and an extra large doggie door that had never been used, for 40 bucks.  We also got a couple of little things there for a very good price.

In Apache Junction there was another one. This was an actual estate sale. Everything in the house was for sale and the find of the week was this headboard.

Our bed sits atop a craftmatic adjustable base, which I love love love.  Because of this, a conventional bedroom set or frame will not work around it.  This head board just mounts to the wall and is exactly what we have been looking for.  It is custom made out of solid cedar.  The man who passed away had made it himself, and I was honored to be able to take it home.  65 dollars.

Then we went to one more which although they had some quality stuff the attitude of the people left such a sour taste in my mouth I was ready to go home and get back to the fire pit.

The last event of the day was Simon's championship football game.  They didn't win, but they put up a good fight and earned second place in their division.

So now it is on to my yard chores and hopefully some riding time today. I took Friday off to deal with Danny and now it is Sunday and I cannot believe how fast this weekend has flown by.  Oh, I also found out that on Dec 2nd I will be switching to second shift. 3:30 to midnight.  Since I'm usually in bed by 9 pm, this should be interesting, but on the bright side, I will have my mornings back again!

I do want to thank all of you who commented on my last 2 posts.  Your words helped me so much.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Have You Seen My Friend?

Hello nice Ladies, Trax here with a very important message.

My Friend is missing.

I was hoping maybe someone has seen him

Yesterday my lady came out late to give us our breakfast.  She seemed funny, and was making funny noises.
A little later the nice man hooked the truck up to the trailer and my friend, the old guy, got in.  I asked him where he was going, but he did not know.

I thought they were taking him to the pony doctor because he had told me that he had not been feeling well and that all his feet were hurting all the time.   Our lady is pretty good about getting us help for our owies when we need them.

I yelled to him as they drove away that it would be fine, that the lady would help him. And he yelled back that he would see me in a little bit and maybe we go go romp and play in the arena.

I finished my breakfast of icky grass hay, and waited for him to come home.

My lady and the nice man came home with the trailer. I called to my friend but he was not there.

I called again and again, but he was not there.

Then my lady put a saddle on me, so I thought he must have escaped and we were going to look for him, but we did not find him.  She made funny noises the whole time we were searching too.  I think she might be sick or something.

Here is a picture of me looking for him

Finally we headed home and I called again and again to see if he was back yet. After all it was dinner time, and Danny the old guy never misses a meal.   But he was not there.  I am very worried about his disappearance.

Here is a picture of my friend.  My lady took this before they left.  If you see him could you please call my lady on her little thingy that she always talks into.

 I miss my friend very much.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Saying Goodbye

This is by far the toughest post I have ever written. (it is 7:34 am right now)

Two days ago I was leading Danny from his pen to the arena to stretch his legs. The pasture is off limits due to irrigation, so all anyone is getting is some roll time in the arena while I clean pens.  But Danny was having trouble getting there.

He is weaving and bobbing (more than usual) not wanting to leave his pen, not being Danny at all.  His feet hurt.  I can see that they hurt.  His lower legs are warmer than usual.  It could be laminitis, caused from the senior feed he gets, although he is not over weight.  In fact he is thin, his hips are starting to sink in, his back bone is sticking out he is losing the muscle tone in his front which is what allows him to pull himself along.

What I see is a horse that is no longer happy, and with that in mind I made a decision. That decision will be carried out today.  I have spent the last 24 hours questioning if I am doing the right thing, but each time I go out and look at him, I feel like I am.

I keep trying to focus on the last 8 years of his life. 3 with my mom, and 5 with me.  He has been happy and well cared for.  He has been loved, and spoiled and enjoyed as a pasture ornament.  He was taken from a horrid environment and treated like the king.  I can take comfort in that.  He was my class clown, always making me laugh with his silly antics and big personality. I will miss him so much.

Danny was somebodies wonder horse at one time, and I am so glad that he was a part of my life.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Brief Word on Alcoholism

We can lead them to the door of sobriety We can even agreee to walk through the door with them. But they have to be the ones to reach down, grab a hold of the knob and open the door. We cannot do it for them. If they choose not to, we have no choice but to walk away, leaving them standing at the door to wither and die. It is a hard reality. Yesterday I left someone I care about at that door. I hope she finds the strenght to open it before she kills herself. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A super cool fnd

I'm starting to get over the whole "oh look a yard sale" thing, except once in a while when I get a good feeling about a certain neighborhood or the way the sign was made.

I had one of those feelings the other day out in Apache Junction, and this is what I found....

The gal ended up giving it to me, because we bought a few other things. They had some other stuff that I would like to go back for some day. This is one of those "everyday" yard sales. I just love this little pic. I wish I knew who this guy is.  Actually I'll bet I can find out. I will research it and share what I find.

We went to Casa Grande yesterday for Simon's football game where they won again, but boy howdy was it a close game.  So now it is on to the final championship game of the season.  They might actually win!

After the game we ran over to Stanfield. There is a company there that makes hay pellets rather than cubes.  I am addicted to the cubes, as are my horses, but the only cubes available around here are from Sacate, and they are just to expensive.  I bought a few sample bags to try out, to decide which blend I want to buy in bulk.  There are few different blends and I am unsure as to which one I want to use, or if I want to stick to just straight alfalfa. You will have to biggefy it to see my options.

I bought a bag of the Relieve, the Relax, and the Total.  The man who makes them recommended the total for older hard to keep horses, and the relax or the relieve for horses that don't get ridden everyday.  He also encouraged me to keep up with the grass hay.  He believes that even though there is the bermuda in some of the blends, having the true roughage is still paramount to intestinal health.  This morning I have Danny some Total mixed with his senior feed and the rest got some of the Relieve and then grass hay along side.  I'm introducing it slowly.  My concern is that they are all mixed with 7% corn.  I was under the impression that corn is not good for horses.  When I asked about that, he said that straight corn is very bad for them, a small amount is ok, and he cooks his first to make it even more digestible.

I will be sending some samples into our friend over at Dancing Donkey for a true analysis.

Just for the record, they seemed to love the stuff, but then my horses have never been picky eaters. Well except Danny, who refuses to eat the grass hay.  Luckily he will still graze so he is getting the forage needed.

I was hoping to get to ride today, but I don't think that will happen.  A friend just called who is in dire straights and needs me.  Sometimes ya just gotta go help. This is one of those times.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Talky Tuesday

Since I didn't say much about our trail ride on Sunday, I will talk a little bit about it now.  I mean it was pretty uneventful, so there isn't much to say except that I am addicted to wood stumps.  I don't know why.

I mean I do know why, but I don't know why I hang on to that addiction.  I want to go dig them up, but I know I do not have the physical capability that I had 15 years ago when that was my favorite past time, and supplement income.  Mostly though I just love the way they look. I love the odd formations these desert trees grow in.  I love the blooms in the spring, and the smell of fresh cut mesquite on a fire.

We are planning on adding a fire pit to our back yard for socializing around, I have a really cool plan worked out for it, and can't wait to get started on it.  Once it is done we will need firewood for it and there is a literal gold mind of already dead wood out there.  I think it will be a great exercise for the horses to have to drag some of it to the fence line to be loaded into a pick up. Especially Trax who seems to be reverting to his "OMG I'm afraid of rope" frame of mind again.   I have come to the conclusion that he might be faking it, to get out of working.  He learned that from Killian.

After our trail ride I took him out in the arena and attempted to work a little on some of the things that Charlie showed me.  I'm just not getting it, and there for neither is Trax.  I need to go for another open ride night, but football keeps getting in the way.  Once football is over I can try to go, although I was informed that about the first of Dec, I will be started on the 2nd shift, which means no more open ride night at all.

Later in the day on Sunday, we got Sassy out and put the old Circle Y roping saddle on her.  It used to fit her perfectly, now it doesn't.  Time to sell it, since I don't have a horse that can wear it anymore.  Still I left it one because I wasn't sure how she was going to react and if she was going to ruin a saddle I'd rather it be one I don't use.

My concerns were unfounded though, except for a funny look when we tightened the cinch she acted like she has been saddled every day of her life.

Good Girl.

We worked her in the round pen and at first she was really limping, but I kept her moving at a walk, and an occasional trot, and it actually seemed to get better.   In fact I know that it did.  Charlie did say that exercise is key to getting her healed.

Finally Simon asked to get up on her, I said okay because I knew that we were only going to walk.  I have a video of him riding.  Simon is not the best rider, but he is trying to learn.  I am trying to teach him the concept behind using his legs to steer.  I need to show him on Trax, so he can grasp it a little better.  I kept telling him to put his heels down and he couldn't. Then I realized that his stirrups were way to short.  So I fixed them. But then my camera was out of memory so I didn't get any video of him doing better.

He was riding her in a halter, and it wasn't until we were done that I remembered that I have a nice side pull that would work so much better on her.

For the most part she was totally relaxed, but then towards the end she kept wanting to stop and started pawing at the ground.  I told him to kick her forward because I was afraid she fixing to roll, so he did and she relented and kept walking. We worked on some turning but mostly it the session was about exercise and blood flow to the foot.

I wold like to ride her, but I am afraid that my extra weight would do harm to her feet.   I will say that she seems to be doing great on the right but that left is still the one giving her issue.

Here is a picture of her special shoes that Charlie has her in.  She has gel in between the wedge and her hoof.   She still walks toe first, I don't know how to change that.

Here is the video of him riding her, before I let out the stirrups.   Next time I will put a saddle on her that fits better.

A couple of weeks ago I was driving home through my neighborhood and saw CNJ out working her pony Kat.  We have texted back and forth several times but never actually met in person so I stopped for a minute.  She has the most adorable little girls I have ever seen!  We chatted for a minute but couldn't talk much due to to time.

 A little later I got a text that said, "My car is in the shop or we would go for a drive and I'd be happy to help with you learning to rasp hooves."

I thought, "Hmmmm, maybe she needs someone to talk to."  So I texted back the next morning and said I could pick her up.

She asked where we were going, I said, "My house I guess."  So then she said she would just come by when she went to get hay.

Now there is a reason why I am giving you the whole conversation.

When she stopped by she was all set to work on hooves, and I was in the middle of shampooing the rug my dog had thrown up on the night before and not prepared to work on hooves.

What we finally figured out and had a good laugh about is that she was talking about her cart, not her car being in the shop and taking a drive in the cart with Kat pulling us.  I thought she just needed to talk. So we ended up chatting for a while, I showed her my place, and then she went on to get her hay.

Moral of the story...sometimes an actual phone call is much better than texting!

Still it was great to meet her, and I am hoping that we can go riding together soon!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Er...Um....Silent Sunday????

Today I'll let the pictures do the talking.

(if you look through the eyes of a paint horse,
 you can see horse eating sharks swimming around out there)