Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looooonnnng Weekend

The good news is, the barn is really looking like a barn.

The bad news is that....well there really isn't any for a change!
Holy Crap!

Actually my shoulders are killing me from spreading fresh dirt with a rake all day.
And busting up dirt clods.

It really helps that my man is a "Man Toy" collector.  Skid steer, little Tractor, fork lifts, dump trucks, Rollers, Post hole diggers...Oh and pick up trucks, lots and lots of pick ups. Of course it all belongs to his company, but one of the perks of being the owner's girlfriend...I have full access to all the cool toys.

So yeah, I spent several hours raking the inside of the barn, getting it nice an level, but the really hard stuff, he made easy with his toys.  

My contractor is leaving for his home in AZ on Tues, so Tom and I will have to finish what is left to do on the barn ourselves.  The vanity top for our new bathroom isn't here yet either, so we might have to finish that ourselves too.  Its okay though, he put in a full month of hard hard work, but has his own work to do at home now. 

I will post more pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why can't I let it go?

Everyday I find myself thinking about the little black mare of Randy's in Riverton that ended up going blind in one eye due to the alleged Pink Eye.

The fact that none of my horses have ever got sick with it, tells me that it isn't my fault, but I can't stop thinking about that mare and about what Randy said to me the last time we talked about it.

He had originally planned on putting her down, but when she started to recover in all other areas he decided against that.  He said that he has about a thousand dollars worth of training into her and had planned on selling her all along, but now with only one eye she isn't worth anything. (All horses are worth something!)  His plan now is to take her to the sale barn and let the slaughter house buyer have her. 

I couldn't believe this!!!!  Why would he do that?  She is still a perfectly good horse!  Why wouldn't he just continue to work with her, to get her adjusted to the handicap and then sell her.  She may have to go for less money than he planned but he could still get more out of her than slaughter price. 

I haven't spoken to him about it since he told me that.  I can't.  I don't trust myself.  I know I will end up offering to buy her from him just to keep this from happening.  In Wyoming you are only allowed one horse per acre.  I have 3 acres and 4 horses.  I could get in trouble for bringing her home. I doubt too many people would complain, as I take care of my horses and maintain their living areas, but I can't really afford to feed another one.  I believe that I could find her a good home, but what if I can't?
Then there is that other issue.....the bots and the parasites.  His horses are loaded with bots and I am working diligently to get rid of the infestation that I now have thanks to his horses.  If I bring her to my house I will have to start all over again.  I can keep her quarantined which would help, and winter is coming which will really help, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But still, can I afford another....not really.

Then there is the reality that he could just be saying this to get me to buy the mare from him (because he knows how I am) so that he doesn't have to put any work into finding her a good home. Heck, for all I know, his vet never told him this was contagious, or that they got it from my horse.  Maybe that is why he doesn't want me to call his vet and talk to him about what they were tested for.  I am a trusting person, but even I am smart enough to realize that it is possible he is trying to play me.  Although when I offered to help pay some of his vet bill he refused, so.......I don't know.

Maybe the right answer ( to help me feel okay with "my part") is to offer to help him sell her. When he has a horse for sale he does not advertise, he only uses word of mouth.  If he got me some good pictures I could use my accounts on horseclicks, and equinenow, and perhaps help find her a home.  The problem there is that I don't totally trust what he has to say about his horses.  He told me that Bricks was kid safe, and she was far from it.  Sassy isn't even broke and she is more kid safe than Brickster was.  So if he gives me false information and I post it on my page, well then what.  Someone goes and buys her under false assumptions.  Not only could someone get hurt, (which would be terrible) but it could ruin my ratings as a seller on those sites.  I work hard to maintain that.  Not that I sell alot of horses, but I believe in selling honestly.   I do help others sell their horses on my page.  But only people I trust.  I don't know if I can trust him.

So maybe the right thing for me to do is accept that I cannot save every horse.  I saved Danny, and put a lot of money into doing that. I saved Trax, because he was considered to be a problem horse, that not many could work with. 

I am trying hard to just let this go.....but I don't really know what the "right" thing is this time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Productive Ride and More Barn Progress

I got to take Trax out for ride after work yesterday.  Well we really didn't go out much, mostly just working on things in the round pen and then in the pasture when we needed more room.
We started with the snaffle and worked on lateral bends which came easier this time than the last time.  Then we rode around the round pen and worked on leg cues and flexing at the poll.  He is so hard and so stiff in that snaffle.  But he did eventually give some so I was happy with that.  I got some half way decent responses from the leg cues.  It feels like he is trying.  I switched to the hackamore and actually got so much more out of him. We lopped in circles working on lead changes (he did pretty good)  and stops.  I did a lot with trying to remember to put my focus on where I wanted to go instead of the back of his head. (and body position) It seemed to really make a difference.  I have a large dirt circle that used to be a hole till I filled it in. The grass hasn't grown there yet (not enough water) so it is a good place to practice stops.  Obviously my goal of projecting my focus worked really well because one stride before the dirt I thought , "ok we will stop there" but he stopped right then, before the dirt, even though I had not asked for it yet. Gotta work on my timing I guess.  But he sure knew what I was thinking.  It was kind of cool, even though I made the mistake, the fact that he was "with me", that was a nice feeling.

When I have the hackamore on him he is much more responsive.  With the snaffle he seems to be bracing himself to fight being pulled on.  I work really hard on not pulling on him, but his tendency to run through that bit makes it hard.  Any movement from me at all and he starts moving in any direction he wants and I cannot stop him without pulling.  I have two thought process on this.  One I'd like someone who already rides soft to ride him and I'd like to watch to see how they handle that, and see if they have a solution.   Second, he really wants to go, so perhaps taking him down to the arena and just making him go and go until he is ready to let down mentally and then working on softness and not running through my hands.  I feel like my second option is kind of a cop out, but on the other hand the day of the clinic when we did the 5 million laps (ok so maybe not that many- but a lot!) once I felt him let down, was a major break through. First time I ever got a leg yield out of him.  Is it possible that he needs that exercise to get himself "in the zone"?  I have never done this and then worked him in the snaffle.  I think it might be worth a try. Maybe then I could get a little more give out of him.  I need to get him to where he is responsive in an actual bit.  In the ranch horse competitions you are required to ride in a bit. A snaffle doesn't count.

I also recall that on that day at the clinic.  Ryane was trying to teach me how to get him to move his front end in a cricle while I was on him. (the reining spin)  I could not get that out of him that day.  I have ridden him twice since then.  Never for more than a 30 min due to my own personal lack of time. Yesterday, with the hackamore on, I asked for a leg yield and he gave it to me, both directions although always better to the right. (abused rope horse- problems on the left side- go figure).  Then I asked for the spin tapped my toe on his shoulder, opened the rein on the opposite side, and first he tried to leg yield, and then back up but then it was as if the light went on and he crossed his front and left the back still.  Then he did it again and did about half a circle. It was a fantastic try!!!!  We did the other direction and with a little work got it too!  I was so damn proud of him. We did it both directions one more time and called it a day.  Then of course he got candies after he was untacked. 

He love Candies!  (carrot treats really- but they are candy to him)

We didn't work real hard, he barely even had any sweat under the pad, but I really felt like we got a lot done and of course it gets darker sooner everyday now and the sun was almost down.

Here are some more pics of the barn progress.  We are getting another inspection to day and then I think the siding will start going up!! Yay!
It looks low from here because it sits down into the side of our hill

this is from the lower side and where the stalls and runs will be
I will have four stalls 9 x 12 and then the runs will be about 9 x 20  then there will be storage in the back half for haycubes.
The runs are a little narrow, but since they usually get out on pasture all day, it will be fine.  They will have plenty of room to move around, plenty of inside space to get out of the wind and snow and will still be able to see each other. The inside walls will be made out of 2x12s but will have gaps for air flow but not big enough to get any feet caught in.  It will be low enough that they can see each other but high enough that they cannot get their heads over.  Then I will treat it with anti-cribbing stuff.  The run walls will be wooden pole fence.  No more t-posts!! With good gates at the ends and good latches. Preferable no more chains and clips.  There will be a big sliding door to load pallets of cubes in through one stall, and then a Man door on the end of the storage that I can get to without going through the stall. 
I think it is going to be a pretty good set up.  Better than having horse food in two places and shelters at opposite ends of the property.  We will tear down the old crappy shelters at the back end of the property and seed for next spring.  The other shelter will stay as it is in a separate pasture and if someone is confined to that pasture (danny) he will still have shelter.

Well I'd best get some work done today. Hope everyone who reads this is well and happy. If anyone has any suggestion for my "runaway paint" I'd love to hear them.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Can you name this equine anomolly?

I had planned on having a yard sale today, but that just didn't happen, too much other stuff going on. Besides who has time to sit all day in front yard and hope that someone shows up to buy stuff?
Anyway, so ever since Brickster was here, I've had Bot issues.  Yep one more thing passed back and forth between the two herds.  I ended up hacking off half of Trax's beautiful mane because of it.  So I spent the day with a grooming stone and put each horse in the round pen and sat underneath them picking and scraping off bots.  I am lucky that my horses are so easy going about this.  The only one I literally did not sit underneath, Indian Style, was Trax.  (he is still a little jumpy, so you always stay to one side)

Anyway, so I picked and I scrubbed and I picked and I scrubbed, and I do believe I got them all.  But I noticed something on all my horses which I will call "odd"

When Bricks was here I noticed that she had a little scab on her hock.  Like this one.....
I know it looks like a scrape from laying down or something.  So when I saw it, I thought, "Aw she has a little scrape" 
Then I put her in with Trax, and a day or two later he had one, and then one on each hock.  Then Sassy had one, and then Danny had one, then Killian came home and he has two.
This one is Killians.  They seem to scab over then the scabs come off and they bleed ever so slightly and then scab over again. 
I was going to take pictures of the other horses, but the minute Danny saw an open gate he ran through it and took Trax with him, so I just let them go.  Danny does not care for confinement!  Now they are grazing the pasture and watching with serious interest at the building of the barn.

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas what this could be, I'd love to hear it. I suppose it could just be coincidence, but I just don't know.
Also I did worm everybody again today. So if it is a parasite hopefully that will help take care of it.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Arizona House

Okay so I have to admit, I got the idea for this post from when I was blog hopping this morning.
I just joined up on Nuzzling Muzzles Blog and saw her lovely pics of The Superstition Mountains and I felt inspired. 
What I have not ever posted on here about is that Tom and I recently purchased a house right at the foot of those mystical mountians
The view from our living room
We bought it with the intentions of moving down there next summer.  Right now we rent it to my Son and Daughter in law. 
Naturally though, Toms Trucking Company has become the stone around our neck.  We can't find anyone capable of running it, and have not yet found someone to buy him out.

Front of the house
He says he just can't handle another year, chasing trucks around all winter, trying to thaw them out, the rising fuel bills and the lack of good help, it is getting to be too much.  Its not as bad in the summer but summer is just too short in WY.  I suspect he will eventually just take all the trucks and trailers to auction, rent out the shop and be ready to go.
I was not sure how he would be able to handle the summers, but we looked at this house in the summer and he loved the heat, so I guess he will be fine.  Plus there is always "Siesta" if it gets too hot for him.
He is old enough to retire, I'm not there yet though, so I will have to do something to earn my keep.  I'd like to open an antique or second hand store, or maybe a feed and tack strore.  Or maybe just sell haycubes...I don't know.  I will figure it out as I go I guess.

My horse paddock
My Paddock has three covered stalls 12 x 12 I think, and I can add another easily, and then they open up into the paddock so everyone can take turns getting out.  Not one single blade of grass though.  The paddock is fully of little tiny soft round pea gravel.  I hear that is great for the hooves. Don't know for sure though. 
There are trails leading up into the mountain at the end of our road, plus trails and trails everywhere in the area. There are also lots of arenas to rent for some training time.
Arizona is also home to Super Gentle Horses.  This Gal does great things with her horses, and I am excited to meet her and see if I can learn from her. 

I think the kitchen is pretty cool

I am exctied to move home, I grew up there and lived there my whole life.  I will miss Wyoming though.  I love the small town feel here.  I don't have to lock my doors, or my vehicles.  We will keep our WY house though and rent it out when we move.  Just in case we want to come back I guess.

I hope to make new friends when I move home, hopefully find people who like to ride too.
I have many old friends I am excited to see as well.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Well I posted a new blog all about my horses eyeballs (Pink eye scare)
But after I saved it I realized it was on the wrong blog.
So there is a new post on if you want to check it out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My Trax
This is my current desk top picture.
I sit behind a desk 5 days a week
9 hours a day. 
I am the office manager of a busy truck shop.
I also sell some parts when everyone else is busy
I don't love my job. 
I don't hate it either.
Atleast I have my own office.
That part is cool.
It makes it so that I can screw around on line when I am bored.
I get to read some really great blogs
I also have all my photos of my horses on my computer at work.
(thats where I am right now)
My screen saver is a photo slide show.
I love my pictures.

I love my horses.
I love watching them scroll across my screen.
I know it is where I would rather be.
Not riding so much
but just there.
I love the time when Trax and I can just hang out
He trusts me. 
He doesn't trust many.
Not all people in his life have been good to him.
I know what that is like.
Not everyone in my life was good to me either.
I have known since the first time I saw him
this is my horse.
I won't say that he has never made me nervous...
But I have never been afraid.
I cannot say that about all horses.
He will go anywhere I ask him.
All I have to do is ask.
Not force- just ask.
I am lucky
He is lucky
We are lucky to have each other
That is how I feel. 
I have other horses too
I love them also
But what I have with Trax is different
It is a connection
words do not convey
the true depth of how it feels
to feel him give me his all
to feel him TRY for me
even things that make him uncomfortable
he will try if I ask.
My boy
My Painted Pony
I am so lucky.

Monday, September 17, 2012

In my own bubble

I rarely ever watch the news.

Tom gets the local paper, but I do not read it.

On Mondays I come to work and my co-workers inform me of the latest news.

Riots in Islamic nations over a movie that some guy made.  The guy has gone into hiding....afraid for his life.  Meanwhile people have died as a result of this movie.  I hear the movie has only been shown in one theater in the world (CA) but the clips have been used by fanatics to incite riots in the Middle East.  I respect the mans right to freedom of speech, but if he believes in his movie, why is he in hiding while others are being killed?  Coward.  The people using this info to incite riot and unrest....bigger cowards.

But really I don't want to know what is on the news.  I don't want to hear about any of it.  I could care less what the movie stars are doing.  I don't care what the politicians have to say (don't believe a single one of them Rep or Dem alike) Perhaps I should care, but why?  I live in a state that only counts for 1% of the national vote.  So even if the entire state voted, what difference would it make.  How many presidential elections are made by 1% of the vote?

I live in a bubble. I like it here in my bubble.  I have horses and dogs and kids and Tom.  I have friends, and my own little life.  Its all I can do to keep my own life on track. I cannot save the world and do feel like killing myself in the attempt.

In my bubble there is a lot more honesty than in many places.  Horses are honest.  A horse cannot hide his true feelings.  Neither can a dog.  Cats...well maybe, but we love them anyway. (They are like the CIA of my bubble...sneaky!)  A horse would never infiltrate another herd under the guise of camaraderie only to kill half the herd later on.  When Stallions fight for dominance, it is on common ground, they do not sneak around about it.  (I'm referring to Afghanistan here, something else I just learned about from my co-workers).  There is no hidden agenda with horses, or dogs, what you see is what you get.

I think more people need to live with animals.  They need to learn to communicate like animals, with honesty.  Then if they could take that honesty and go out into the human world...well the world would just be a better place. 

I'm pretty sure its never going to happen like that though.

That's okay I guess.....I'll just stay in my bubble...with my dogs and my ponies and my family.

Maybe that is a copout, maybe I need to be more informed, but I cannot see why I should be.  What difference is it going to make?  If the world is coming to an end, I'd just assume not know.  I have no intentions of surviving something like that.

What a morose post.....see what information does???  Its depressing. you hear that? That is the sound of honesty...peaceful and serene....(heavy sigh)

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yesterday I went out and found two of my ponies, Sassy and Trax with puffy eyes.  Not swollen shut, no discharge from either, and no nasal discharge.  Just a little puffy.  With all the stuff going on in Riverton where my horse allegedly infected Randy's horses with Pink Eye, naturally I am a little nervous.   I'm not freaking out yet, not calling the vet just yet, but definetly watching them all closely.  We still have a lot of smoke from the Casper Mountain fire so it could easily be a reaction to that. I know that the last two days have  been horrible for me and my allergies.

Sassy is the worst of the two,l so last night I took her temp.  98.7 so no fever, that is good.  I have not been out yet this morning but am on my way.  Keeping my fingers crossed that they have either gone down, or haven't changed.  Main thing I do not want to see is green discharge. Everyone is eating, drinking and pooping normally.  Also a good thing.  Sassy seemed a little down yesterday afternoon though. Tried to hand feed her a a hay cube and she turned it down...that is not normal for her. But she ate fine later that evening, so not freaking out yet. (okay well maybe a little)

I did get to ride Trax a few nights ago.  Just took him out and down the road and back.  I'm still leary of taking him anywhere where other horses may be.  Glad I made that call since now he is having puffy eyes. Too much unknown.  He was a good boy, a little pissy since it was, in his opinion, feeding time not riding time. But when the neighbors dogs ran out under his legs and started barking, I expected more reaction out of him. He handled it very well with nothing more than a snort and a wide eye.  He has been penned up for the better part of the last week, so his energy level was up.  That was why I expected more of a reaction out of him. 

I asked Randy to get me clinical terms from his vet as to exactly what his horses were diagnosed with. The term "pink eye" is pretty vague and covers a few different diseases.  Well of course he didn't do that for me, and when I asked for his vet's name, although he did give it to me, he also asked me not to call him.  THAT bothered me.  I think I have the right to know, don't I?  I wasn't going to call and argue, I wasn't going to question the diagnosis, I just want to know exactly the what the diagnosis was and exactly what they treated with.  I probably will call on Monday, he can get mad if he wants, and if he does, well that is just too bad. You can't call me up, tell me my horses made all of your horses sick, tell me that one has gone blind in one eye because of my horse, and then expect me not to want to know exactly what my horse gave to your horses. 

Today is Sunday, my house is a mess my stalls need cleaned again, and I have paperwork to do for Tom's trucking company....makes for a pretty boring day.  Actually I do not mind boring one bit!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

UPDATE;  Eyes are looking more normal today...yay!  Everyone is eager to eat and feeling frisky....another yay!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Casper Mountain Fire

On Sunday afternoon we noticed a plume of smoke coming up from the back side of Casper Mountain.  We watched it burn from our house all night. We live on the other side of the interstate so the chances of it actually reaching is is pretty slim to none.  Yet we know that there are many others who live right there and we heard that several cabins had burned.

The next morning we woke to smoke on the front side of the mountain. There are many homes and ranches on this side. By noon they were calling for a full evacuation of the Hat Six Road Areas. 

this was taken from the back door of my job.
Up in that area is the state trust land where I enjoy riding.  I know that there is at least one ranch that has about 30 head of horses.  I was wondering how they would get them all out of there.  This spread so fast I don't know that they would have time to round them all up. 

My friend Jay said that he heard that the gates had been opened and all the horses let out so they could get to safety.  Whewwww!!!  When I see stuff like this I always want to grab my trailer and offer assistance, but they weren't even letting anyone in.

This one was taken closer to my home.  We got a tiny bit of rain which helped some and then the fire had moved down and around the mountain.

This one is the scary one.  Jay sent me this from his phone.  He is friends with the people who own this ranch.  Have to give some huge kudos to the firemen.  Not one single structure was lost on this ranch, only the fence. 

Not everyone was so lucky.  I heard that several ranches did burn but I do not know the exact number.

The fire is pretty much out now, and they are letting people back in.  I heard a rumor that someone actually saw someone start this fire.  I hope they catch that person and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.  If that is in fact what happened.

It makes me think of our camping trip a few weeks ago.  There is a fire ban on the entire state right now.  Yet there were many people who chose to ignore it and build fires anyway.  It did not matter to them that they were putting the entire area and all of their fellow campers at risk.  I just don't get it!

Anyway, no lives were lost that we know of, so that is good.  I have not heard if all animals made it to safety, prayers go out to all of those who are suffering loss and damage from this.  And thank you to the brave men and women who fought this fire tirelessly until it was contained.

UPDATE:  Not all of my information was correct, 6 structures were lost on the back side of the mountain.  400 people evactuated, and the fire is only 10% contained as of this morning. They do expect to have it completely contained by Saturday though.  I still do not know how many ranches in the Hat Six area were lost yet.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Too Much

I haven't posted in a while, it has been a rough couple of weeks.

2 days after the clinic, I got a call from Riverton - where Brickster lives- Randy's herd of horses all came down with something, started with swollen running eyes. 

Killian had just left there on Sat, he had had goobery eyes for a couple of weeks.  I had been using Natures edge to keep the flies off, assuming that it was just from the flies, and dust.  After all I live in Casper Wyoming...the wind always blows here.  He was not sick in any other way so I assumed all was well.  My horses are always current on shots and worming, as are Randy's.

When I took him down Randy had asked about his eyes, and I told him what I believed to be true. Bugs are driving him nuts.  Plus he has one eye which has a damaged eyelid and that one always runs a little more when it is dusty.  It doesn't close as well as the other.

Randy's vet said it was Pink Eye.  I think what he really meant was EVA which is the only viral form of pink eye that I know of.  It usually comes with a host of other symptoms though, none of which my horses have had.

I started going back through all my recent photos, none of my other horses have shown any signs of pink eye.  Even Killian never got real swollen, so I don't know. 

His vet drew blood for testing and started dosing with viral type antibiotics (according to Randy- but he is not good with technical terms)  We are still waiting for the blood work to come back to find out what it really is. 

Friday I talked to him, he said all but one of his horses are recovering nicely.  The one that isn't, has gotten much much worse.  She tries to get a drink and her whole head falls into the water, and she can't figure out how to get out.  She is losing an eye for sure.  He will probably end up putting her down.

I offered to help with the vet bills- he declined.  I feel terrible about all of this. 

Because of all of this and because I do not know if my horse gave this to his horses, or if my horse could come down with what they have, I have had all my ponies under quarantine. 

I did not get to compete in the ranch horse competition.  Until I know exactly what his horses have, they will stay at home.

But mostly I am so sad for Randy and his ponies.

I have been in constant communication with one of my vets, and she is anxiously waiting to hear (as am I) what the test results come back with.  She assures me that this is not my fault.  She has seen my horses lately, they have not been sick.  They still are not sick, and I am watching them like hawks.

Dr. Bruce has been to my house to see Danny. and actually looked at all of my horses a few weeks before all of this started.  He would have noticed if they looked sick.

I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if they were sick.  I spend a few minutes minimum with them everyday, usually more.

Still I feel responsible.

Icing on the cake.....I went to watch the show on Saturday to support my friends even if I could not join.  In the middle of the show I get a phone call from my 18 year old son who was on his way to Denver..."Mom I need you to come get me- there's been a 3 car wreck, I was in the middle of it."

Good news, no one was hurt.  Bad news, it took half my hay money to go get him and get the truck back from the tow company.  Would have left it but I just put a 700 dollar transmission in it.  It doesn't even have 2000 miles on it.  Gonna have to sell it and the motor, so he has money to get another vehicle.  Then I have to scrape up more money for hay cubes.

While I was at the competition, my farrier, who is a very spiritual man, saw me and asked how my horses were.  Of course I had to tell the whole story.  He was so sweet.  He said to me, "God takes care of our animals if we ask, so lets stop right now and ask."  We bowed our heads and he prayed for my ponies that they all stay safe and healthy, he asked that a shield be place over them protecting them from illness."   Yup I cried...yup I'm crying now. 

I cry everyday it seems, for Andrea and Tonka, for Randy's little black mare, for my son who is still alive and unhurt, and for the other people in that accident who although shaken are also scratch free.

Okay yes I cry a little for myself for the financial hole I am in right now.  But I know that God does watch over us, and as long as I keep doing the next right thing, he will make sure I have what I need.

One day at a time is all I can do right now.

oh and now I see that I am repeating myself in my posts.  I forgot about the last one I had done.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Sad face!

My big ride this weekend in the ranch horse competition has been canceled. 

Bricksters owner just called me and said that all of his horses have what appears to be Pink Eye.

His vet came out and took blood tests and started treatment. 

Killian has had runny eyes for about a month, I assumed it was from the flies and his one eyelid that was damaged and closes funny. 

I don't know for a fact that my horse has Pink Eye, but I certainly am not willing to take any chances.

My vet has set out some topical ointment for me to pick up for him.

None of my other horses show any signs of it.

I did ask if he wanted me to pay his vet bill....I'm glad he declined, I'm sure it won't be cheap and I can barely afford my own vet bills right now.

I am so bummed out that I won't get to compete.  I was really hoping for some good pics of Trax working a cow to post.  It will be a while now before I get those since I will be keeping him at home. 

Even if I find out between now and Saturday that it isn't Pink Eye, I won't ride him.  I need to be riding him all week at the arena, but I can't take him down there till I know, and I won't put other peoples loved ones (horses) at risk.

Jay says, "Look at the bright side, better to wait and get your pony soft, doing it the slow and easy way, then to do things fast and wrong."  I hate it when he is right!

I guess I will just go and watch and learn from the grandstands...... Major Sad Face! :(

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Neighbor

I am very fortunate to live next door to a wonderful older couple.  They have 2 very nice, but slightly spoiled Arabians.  One is named Smoke, he is a flea bitten grey color, and the other is Attan (sp?), who is black.  They are such characters to watch and you would swear they are brothers, but they really aren't.   When I say spoiled I mean they are well broke and well mannered, but they don't get ridden much so they live an easy life.

The lady, whose name is Charlie (her husband is Bob) has been having some pretty bad back issues lately, so I try to lend a hand when I can.  They are also always willing to feed for me if I am out of town, and they are always watching out for my animals, as I do theirs.  It is a good to get along with your neighbors, and it is easy when you have neighbors like mine.

Yesterday I was watching Tom dig himself into a hole in the side yard (our well hydrant was freezing up last winter and so he was digging it up to fix that) when I looked over at Charlie's horses.  Attan was limping.  Not just a little, it was a serious limp.  I went right over and checked him out, fetlock was swollen.  I called Charlie, and she came out side, but could hardly stand she was in such pain.  I had the vet on the phone when we saw the wet spot on the bulb of the heel...abscess. :(

Luckily the vet was already out and about and was not far so she came right over.  We had him draining and bandaged with some pain meds and antibiotics, in a matter of minutes.  When I went over to feed for her later in the day he was putting weight on it again so that is good. 

I went to check on Charlie as well (her husband was working all day) she was in bed resting, where she needed to be.  She also raises Basset Hounds.  I went ahead and took care of them too.  What a loud bunch at feeding time!!!!!  I left Charlie sleeping, and spoke with Bob this morning.  Attan is coming along nicely.  I will help Charlie  out with his antibiotics tonight, and the feeding as well.  She won't get better if she keeps over exerting.

I have to admit that it felt good to be able to help yesterday.  There was a time in my life where I was always the one needing help.  To be at a point in my life when I can do for others....well it is a good thing. 

I will try to get some pics of the two Arabian clowns today.  They are such fun!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

How Many Laps does it Take....?

Remember the old tootsie pop commercial with the kid and the owl?  Well that is sort of how I felt today.

I took Trax and Killian to the Ranch Horse Clinic, and I am so glad I did.  I learned much about my horses today. First off, Killian is a steady rock, we know that, and he is wonderful for trails, conserves his energy..etc  But he just doesn't have what it takes for competition.  Not enough get up and go when he needs it.  Doesn't make him a bad horse, just doesn't make him THAT horse. 

Then I tied him up and put my saddle on Trax.  He was WOUND UP!  I round penned him before we even left the house.  Then after I saddled him I lunged him some more.  I got up on him he was a dancing and prancing.  We practice the "trail" he did fine with the "bridge" stepped over poles and that was nice too.  The had a rope "gate" it totally freaked him out.  He doesn't like ropes. Finally one of the gals in charge told me to go ahead into the arena and just lope him for as long as  it took to wear him down.

So we loped, and we loped, and in the straight aways we stepped up and flat out ran, and we ran and we ran and I was getting tired, but he kept going and going and going.  I brought him down some to give myself a rest and he said no, and so we ran and ran some more.  We ran to the left and we ran to the right.  One guy watching asked, "Who is going to wear out first?"  (It was me)  But we kept on going.  Finally I could feel him starting to let down a bit. So we did some figure 8's.  And finally we stopped....finally!  But the question in my mind with each lap..."How many laps does it take to get to the center of a paint horse?!?"

Then she says, "are you ready to try him on a cow?"  Sure!  Now once before I was able to go help some people on a cattle drive.  It was 11 miles in 60 mph winds, and snow and rain.  So I have always known he has stamina, because that day he never did get tired.  He worked his butt off the whole time.  With that I mind I knew that he also had some pretty good cow training.  I was not prepared though for what happened today.  My horse kicked Ass!!!

She let the cow out and said, "Now just follow, lets see if he will lock on."  Um yup, no problem there!  Then she had me move him around from one end to the other, trying to pen him in.  This was a fresh cow, and we really had to move to keep up with him and ahead to turn him around.  Pretty soon it was cake.  I let Trax know what my intentions were and he took care of the rest.  I held on and let him do his thing never taking my eyes off the cow.  Now this was not like in the NCHA, where the horses get down low and hold that cow, but he was pretty damn impressive for being handicapped by a rider who had no idea what she was doing.  When we were done I was complimented by many and was told that I would have gotten good points off that run in a Ranch horse competition.  YAY!!!!

After that we did some reining exercises, and he was calmed down enough to open and close a real gate but he never did do well with that rope gate.  Also he did not do so well with dragging a log on a rope.  He did it but it was obvious he was trying to get away from the rope.

At one point though I was just sort of messing around on him and I bumped him with my right leg, lifted off with my left and I'll be damned if he didn't take 5 or 6 beautiful steps to the side with legs crossed. That is a first for us too!  He did it the other way also but not as nice.  My friend Kim saw the whole thing, and said it was textbook.

We need to work on lead changes and his spins, but I knew that would be an issue.  We also need to keep working on our lateral flex.  OH!!! I almost forgot!  I actually got THAT out of him yesterday too.  First time to the left he ever stopped spinning.  Usually he just goes and goes. So major progress has been made in the last few days. 

I have made the decision to go ahead and enter him next weekend.  It is still all in fun and it is wonderful practice for him and me both.  I will do a whole lot of laps before we start though, will have to get there early I guess.  All in all it was a pretty awesome day.  I wish I had been able to get pictures. Maybe next time.

Oh and can someone please tell me why I thought I needed a different horse for this? 

Ride safe everyone.