Monday, July 23, 2012

The Look of a Horses Eye- "Brave" Reviews

Merida and her horse Angus
I was so excited when I saw the previews of the move Brave, and was first in line the day it came out.  I was not dissappointed (although I hear that some people were)  I love love love this move!!!!!

The animation was fantastic, and there were so many good messages wrapped up in the story, I just can't imagine how anyone could walk away saying they were unimpressed.
Its a great story about a young girl who defy's her parent's, well her mothers wishes, and ends up paying dearly for the concequences of her actions. 

The good news is, the damage can be repaired, and the relationship is built to be even stronger in the end.  The most important lesson though....When communicating with loved ones it is important too say what is on your mind, but it is even more important to listen to what your loved one is saying to you. 

I love the main character, Merida.  She is strong, and smart, a little reckless, but confident in herself.  She does not need a knight in shining armor to complete her, she is content just being a girl with her bow and her horse.  Ah there's the key for me...a girl with her horse.

The most amazing part of this movie, and I have this very picture as my screen saver, is the way the animators were able to capture exactly the look of her horses eye. I mean, seriously, look at it!  That is the look of a horse who knows, understands, and trusts his "herd leader".  I love that look.  When you have a horse that is confident in you, and who has accepted you as the one to follow, you know the look.  Hopefully you all know that feeling too.

If anyone else has seen the movie I am curious to know what you thought.  If you say you did not like it, that is fine, you certainly will not be chastized on my blog.  I believe that everyone has a right to their opinions.  Also I'd like to hear about your horses "look" and how it makes you feel to have the kind of relationship with an animal that is 10 times our size and could easily kill us if it wanted too, but chooses to give all of himself or herself.

Until then everyone take care and ride like the wind!


  1. I have seen the trailer of the movie. It kind of scares me with the bear and all. Is it really that good, even for me (I'm 16)? Oh, by the way, I LOVE your horses. They seem really nice! Unfortunately I have no horses of my own so I can't comment on the "look". :-/

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