Friday, March 29, 2013

Horse week Day 4 (warning photo overload)

Day 4 consisted very little of me and a lot of Simon and Killian.  I decided to give myself a break, and the paint horse too.  MK called at 4 and said he wasn't feeling well either so we rescheduled our lesson for Sat.

I forgot to mention that Wed night when I came home from Kim's, Simon was out in the pasture riding K around bareback with a himself!  I kind of jumped his case for doing this when no one else was home, so he assured me he wouldn't do it again. But kind of got his feelings hurt because he finally got out there and did something, and I yelled at him. He got over it though.

Yesterday he wanted to ride again, I was thrilled!  One, because he is not sitting in front of the TV, and two,because it was a great chance for a photo op.  So here we go.  Some were taken from my bed room window with the zoom lens.

Is there any doubt why the girls fall all over him?

 Then it was my turn. 
Why I ride with my mouth open I do not know.
Makes for some ugly pics though

Whew! Glad its not me today!

This is sooooo boring

Is there anything edible in this poop?

The mighty steed
Then it was time to feed and clean pens.  Today Simon has no school, and he wants to ride again. Maybe we will hit the arena.

UPDATE/SIDE NOTE:  If you look at the picture of me riding and then look at the last picture of Simon riding, you can see that with me Killian is frowning, and with Simon, he (the horse as well as the kid) is smiling.  Simon says that Killian doesn't like me, because he does more stuff for Simon, than me. I say that he is probably right because I make the lazy sucker work much harder than any child does.  I think Killian wants nothing more than to be a horse for children ride, and keeper of the mare.   I noticed that when I was riding Killian was groaning a lot. I believe he was trying to tell me that I am fat.  I do believe that he is correct in his assessment.  I also think he was saying that his back hurts.  He is sure a good boy though.
It is nice having a horse I can trust that much.


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  2. I love the new header! That makes me laugh about Killian, hes such a grumpy opinionated man!

  3. There is no such thing as a picture overload! The more pictures the better is my motto!

    Love the picture of Trax in your header!

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