Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hi Everyone,
I have never done a blog before, so if I mess it up be patient with me. :)
I am a horsey person, yes one of those women who would rather be with her horses than people any day of the week. Right now I have four horses.  Danny, he is my old guy (24) who was a rescue horse. He has stringhalt so does not get ridden much, although I am beginning to think I should start riding him once in a while to get him limbered up a little bit. He does not have the temporary stringhalt, but the real deal.  The kind that cannot be treated except for surgery, and I have no intention of putting him through that.  I am sure he was someone special in his life though!
This is Danny.  Isn't he beautiful?

My second horse is Sassy, she is a four year old filly. She was given to me by a gal who didn't have time to work with her. Sassy she is an AQHA mare, with some great breeding behind her. She is the funniest little thing, about 14 hands. She is so curious about everything, always into stuff. She is so soft and easy to train, just a pure joy to work with. I gave her to my son to have as his horse and this would have been the summer to really get her finished, but in April she started limping and as it turns out has a chipped coffin bone, so she is wearing special shoes and is in rehab right now. We still do ground work with her to keep her fresh and the walking is good for her. No trotting or running right now.

This Sassy, she is like a taquito, little and spicey!

My third horse is Trax. He is a sorrel paint ranch horse.  I bought him from an aquaintance who bought him from another guy who got him from another guy...basicly he changed hands several times before I got him.  Trax is by far the coolest horse I have ever owned, although not all of his previous owners figured that out.  Poor guy was ridden like a freight train, treated roughly, yanked around pushed around, and finally he fought back by bucking the crap out of his owners, hence the reason he was sold so many times.  Although the last guy sold him to me because he just wasn't using him at all and he was going to waste.  I have shown him a new side of humans, I ask him to do things and he gives me 110 % everytime.  I don't beg, I suggest and I do it firmly but not rudely, and he has come along ways from the sort of unruley guy I brought home. Don't let his short fat stature fool you, he can go as far as you want all day long, and lives to work a cow.  His biggest issue is that he is not "soft" and he doesn't like to stop. But since we switched to a hackamore I am getting better stops and we are working on getting him to "give me his head".  He is my pride and joy, the most fun to ride.

"My little Fat Trax"  We call him that because he has spots on his back that look like paw prints

My fourth horse is actually my boyfriends horse, his name is Killian. (the horse not the boyfriend)  He is a big big boy.  He is also AQHA and is a ranch horse as well. There isn't much of anything you can't do on this horse, and I can put anyone on him.  He is a little on the lazy side unless you put a cow in front of him. I think his theory is "rest or work- non of this in between stuff".  Sometimes if we are trailriding who ever is on him has to really work to get him to move his feet.  Not that he refuses to go but he moves about as fast as molasses in Jan.  But any horse you can throw a halter on and ride on a trail bareback is ok in my book, so he is a keeper!
Killian, on a trail ride by Casper mountain, doing what he does best!

So there it is folks, the introduction to 'Life with my herd"  I will be updating with training pics and video's and other stuff as we progress.
Hopefully it won't bore you to death!
Take care

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  1. Great blog! I love the line "I ask firmly but not rudely." Good for you!