Sunday, November 16, 2014

I love Arizona

This past week, Casper WY was the coldest place on the planet....literally.

Okay not THE coldest place but like 3rd coldest right behind Antarctica, and some place in Russia.

My friend sent me picture of his rear view mirror temp reading in his truck as he was driving home from work.


That was the norm for a few days. and even now it is still below 0.

Meanwhile I find myself a little chilly in the morning, sometimes needing a light hoody or long sleeves, but by 10 or so, I'm ready for short sleeves, sometimes even shorts.

I have been riding and have a great time.  Melody and I went about 10 miles the other day in the desert.  For those of you that saw my facebook post, it was a tad misleading.  While I said we did the full 10 miles in a long trot, that was actually not the case.  While we did trot a good portion of the way, it was only true long trotting when the walking horse was racking out.   My problem on facebook is that I only log on through my phone and it is to hard to explain myself, so I just post the short version.

I never pushed her harder than she was willing to go, and she did get a nice long break in the middle of the ride.

She also got a nice massage when we got home, and has gotten one every day since.

She climbed a couple of really big hills.

Big is a relative term. To her, they were huge. To Cody the trail machine, they were nothing.   Think "Levee" sized.

She also went down the hills which I find is good for teaching her to use her feet to work her way down instead of jumping up and down everything.

She was sure she was going to fall in that big stock tank

Looking like a real trail horse!

I am pretty sure that she is actually enjoying the new scenery.  She does best when there is another horse with her.  Eventually she will have to learn to go alone, but since she is new to it, I can give her a couple of concessions.

Now it is time for me to finish cleaning my house.....I'd rather be riding!


  1. We were -15 degrees already! Arizona sounds mighty fine!

  2. Brr! I haven't been warm in weeks lol. Even indoors my toes are cold. I'm ready for spring already hehe.

    Melody is so cute!! I'm glad you had a great ride. Those long hills are soooo awesome. The upside is great for their backs, butts and stifles and the down side is great for the reasons you mentioned. :) I have finally taken Chrome on the only big hill we have around and I love it. Next time I'm seriously thinking about turning around and doing it twice hehehe. :)

  3. It's not all that cold here, but I would prefer having liquid water, not solid. I wouldn't mind being a snowbird, but I could never handle Arizona in summer!

    Sounds like your princess is coming along quite nicely!

  4. I love trotting, it's my favourite gait. Of course, that doesn't include gaited horses! I did get to ride a Peruvian Paso for a few minutes once- incredibly smooth.

  5. This time of year is the only time I enjoy Arizona weather. When everyone else is digging out from the latest snow, we can wear short sleeves to go riding and we can finally ride in the middle of the afternoon rather than as the sun is coming up. The summers, though, I want nothing to do with and wish I could be a snowbird. Hahaha. Glad you got a nice ride in.

  6. Short sleeves, far less shorts are a thing of my past for now, I am a bit jealous, that said I would die in your summers no no complaining

  7. Hahaha I actually got a little sunburned over the weekend. At least on Saturday. Sunday was pretty windy and a bit cooler though so it was long sleeves and layers. It was still nice out. Nicer than a lot of parts of the country anyways.

  8. Sounds absolutely marvelous!!!!