Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Methinks the Princess Doth be Lazeeeeeeee!

" Melody, we are going to ride over to the neighbors arena and work a little today."

"What?????  You want me to go down the road?  A princess must ride in the trailer to the arena!"

"Not this time Melly, it is just one street over."

"OMG!  Did you see that?  It tried to EAT ME!"

"It was a mailbox, it has no teeth and does not move"

"It had a mouth...I saw it's mouth."

*Shakes head and kicks the mare in the side to keep her moving*

"OMG What is THAT thing?"

"It is a dumpster and you are going to walk past it through that gate."

"A Gate?  Oh HELL NO!  I do not DO gates!!!"

"Melody, you go through gates every day."

"Yes, but usually you are on the ground and go first so that I know it is safe.  And those are my gates, I know what is on the other side.  I do not know what is on the other side of this gate. It might be dangerous.  You go first."

"Melody, you are a grown up horse, who has been through many gates.  You can see through the gate, and see what is on the other side.  Look, that nice young mare who is half your age is going to hold the gate open for you, so you do not have to be afraid."

"I will RUN through the gate!"

"Now you will walk back through the gate turn around, and do it again at a walk.  Melody this is embarrassing."

"Fine I will walk through the gate."

*We go to the arena where she proceeds to get bug eyed at poles, barrels, and other horses.  Finally we get down to work*

"Melody I would like you to lope."

"Gosh ya know, I'm kind of tired after that LONG walk over here and the big tadoo at the gate.  I don't really FEEL like loping today. How about if I lope three strides and then we just trot again."

*KICK* (no spurs)

"Well that was kind of rude!" (evil tail swish)

"Melody I would like you to lope nicely AND do a lead change"

"I don't feel like loping nicely or doing lead changes....I want to trot."

*Borrows a bat*

"Melody, I want you to lope now and do lead changes"

"Nope...not really feeling it toda-"


"OH SHIT!!!!  Oooooh, so that really wasn't open for discussion was it?"

"Here let me just do some lead changes for you!"

"Would you like big circles or small?  How fast would you like me to go?  Oh you want to go fast?  Okay!  How about some slower small circles now?  Oh you would like me to spin? Sure thing!"

"Gates? Oh I love gates"  No I'm not scared at all."

It is just amazing how pushy even a well trained horse can be when left to their own demise.


  1. LOL. I really enjoyed that 'conversation". :)

  2. Haha... my experience is that the more seasoned and trainer... the more of a lazy princess/prince they become. That conversation had me laughing! Good on ya!