Friday, February 20, 2015

Some History on Killian

So....funny story.

One day last summer BEC and I were talking bloodlines and glancing over the papers on the horses I have who are in fact registered.  We had already talked about Sassy's breeding several times, but not much about Killian.  I showed her his papers and she laughed.

"I know the people who bred him, they live about 40 miles from our ranch in SD."

We laughed about what a small world it is.

The other day she posted a link to my facebook page.    This is where he comes from.    is a copy of his papers.

So of course I took a minute and looked at all the pictures of their horses.  I looked at the pedigree's of their studs, and I see that one of them is still the same basic bloodlines as Killian.   I looked at the handsome little colts that they have, and the very solid mares they show as well.  Then I shot them an email.  I always feel like if I was breeding horses, I would be thrilled to get an email about a horse I bred 21 years ago, and would even be more thrilled to know that he or she is loved and well cared for.  So I sent the email and some pictures, and today I got a response.

Hi Cindy,
My name is Joe Stoddard.  I am the guy who bred and raised “Crook”.  His name came from the fact that when he was first born, his legs were a little crooked, but in a few weeks his legs straightened right out.  I broke him, and sold him to a neighbor  that used him a lot.  When this older man had knee surgery, his son sold most of his horses.  I always wondered where the horse wound up.  I’m glad he found a good home.

My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease some years back and that forced a change in our lives.  We cut way back on our horse program and eventually sold the ranch to our son, Sam.  We still live here and He has gradually been bringing our horse program back.  He kept a few of our old core mares and has bettered the line of horses we had.  He still breeds for good conformation, good bone, good minds, cow and speed.  In the future, when you need a horse, please consider him in your search for additional horses.  

thank you for your interest in our horses.    Joe

I always wondered why they had named him Crook.    I guess in someways the name still fits since he is still always trying to steal all the mares.  LOL

Anyway, it was nice to get an answer and to know a little bit more about the big guy.  Being a gelding, and with his age it isn't a huge deal anymore other than my own curiosity, but it does help sort of ease the frustrations from knowing so little about Trax.


  1. Very cool! Always nice to find out the history on your horses. He comes from some pretty good stock.

  2. Awesome! I love to hear back how my "kids" are doing as well