Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm getting old

In a few days I will be 50.

How did this happen?  I'm pretty sure I was just 30 a few weeks ago.

Wasn't I?

Okay so maybe not, but it is kind of how it feels.

This morning I was laying in bed, getting to sleep in until the sun was starting to rise, and I remember laying there envisioning what the next 20 (or how ever many years I have left) are going to be like.  It was a fleeting picture, much like my mental image of the past. I'm not even sure I could describe it to you.

Perhaps it was more of a feeling than an image.

I'm not ready.


  1. Welcome to Reality. You think 50 is Bad??? Wait......

  2. we never are, but time passes, Happy Birthday ! I am sure you will always be young at heart

  3. Happy birthday. Let us know how it goes. I'm up for my five-oh next year.

  4. Welcome to the 50 Club! Happy Birthday too!! I think turning 50 seemed like a big deal more than any other milestone age because you suddenly realize you are heading past middle age to just being old and the end of life. A bit scary because I certainly don't feel that old. Then again being active and a positive attitude helps a lot. Eventually, we all get old. Again, enjoy your Birthday and best wishes!!!

  5. I'll be 54 this coming January, and can honestly say that I'm really loving this age. I'm more confident and comfortable with who I am as a person. I'm certainly less caring about what other people think about me - that's their business, not mine. And, I'm much more in tune with what's really important to me, and in my life...not so distracted by all the BS that used to "seem" so important. There really are many, many wonderful aspects about growing older and having some of life's wisdom that accompany it. There are physical downfalls of course, I'm not as strong (physically) as I once was, I'm more careful and am learning to pace myself, but it's all good. I wouldn't want to go back for anything!! Yesterday is history, tomorrow isn't enjoy what we have. Today!! And no more periods? Icing on the cake!! Happy birthday my beautiful, wise woman of the world!!

  6. I've never minded getting older. Not sure why. Think I was born old and my body is just catching up. :) I'll be 50 in two years. Roll on Cronehood, I say!