Saturday, October 26, 2013

Long Week...Yay for the Weekend!

I was going to go out and take some pictures this morning, but camera battery is dead so have to wait until it charges to do that.  By then I'll be wrapped up in the day, so who knows if any will be taken.

This was one of the longest weeks of my life.  Or so it seemed.

I do want to thank every one for the birthday wishes and for the support on my "midlife crises".  I think my problem is not that I am afraid of being older.  I think that mental image just hit me so hard unexpectedly.  I'm over it now.

My job is going ok, I feel like I make a lot of mistakes, and I always feel like my coworkers are looking at me and thinking, "Wow I thought she had experience."   But truthfully if I can quit beating up on myself long enough to be objective, many of the guys who have been there several years still make stupid mistakes too.  The things I said I was good at, I am good at.  For example, if I look up parts for someone's truck, and nothing has been modified from its original state, then I will be 99% confident that the parts are correct.  If I am not sure that it is right, then I say so.  But it is not unusual for things to have been changed on these trucks some where along their lives, and if the person ordering the parts from me doesn't know that it has been modified, then it makes me look like an idiot.  Even if I can show him, "Hey look at this computer screen.  It shows that what I sold you is in fact what the truck originally came with."  But usually by then they have quit listening and are just busy being mad.   But I am not at work today- so lets just not even think about that right now.

I almost got to ride Trax this week. Got him saddled, and even got him warmed up. Just about the time he was in a good frame of mind for learning, Simon needed my help with Killian.  This would not have bothered me if he would listen to me when I tell him what he needs to do. But he doesn't, he argues instead and it frustrates me to no end. By time I was done with him, I was out of the mood for riding and Trax was out of the mood for learning.  We called it a night.

Yesterday Charlie came and put shoes on Trax and Killian.  I don't know if they are happier having shoes on or not, but I know that they don't look all ouchie when crossing the driveway anymore.  Also they didn't have any problem cavorting around the pasture last night.

On Monday he will come and recheck Sassy and trim Danny.

Today I get to spend some time repairing some fence. I hit a fence with the tractor last night while trying to clean the pens.  Fun fun fun!  Hopefully some time today I will get to ride.

Tomorrow is a kind of a special day.  Back when I was trying to change my life I ended up at a women's rehab facility in Mesa.  After I graduated, I went to work there, and I loved it.  Giving back to those women who came in after me was fabulous.   Anyway, they are celebrating their 20th anniversary and I have been invited to attend. I am very excited to get to spend some time with my sisters in recovery. There will be people there I haven't seen in several years so I am really looking forward to re-establishing those connections.

Now I am off to get some fence posts.

Wishing everyone in blogger land a great weekend!


  1. I somehow missed your birthday post, Happy (belated) Birthday! You have certainly had a rough few months, I hope it starts to smooth out for you soon. About Simon, I don't know if it is feasible for you, but getting him some lessons might be good for both of you. There is nothing harder than trying to teach riding to one of your own family members. He is at the age where it is natural to question or disregard everything Mom says, someone else may tell him the exact same thing, but he might be able to hear it coming from them.

    I hope you manage some riding time and have fun reconnecting with old friends.

    1. Thank you. This reply helped me in more ways than you know! :-)

  2. I missed your birthday post, too! Happy belated birthday! Hope you get that riding time in :)