Monday, February 24, 2014

Job Options...For My Horse, Not For Me

So as I consider the possibility of extreme trail or competitive trail as a job for Trax, I thought that perhaps I should investigate just what sort of things he would need to learn.

The ACTHA has a great website with a page dedicate to what kind of obstacles  you should train your horse for.  A lot of it is man made stuff, and things a horse might encounter "out of the ordinary" on a trail ride in the real world.

The next thing I went to, and this is a pretty popular video on facebook and youtube is a speed event done on and indoor extreme course in Oregon.

I love this video and I really think that this is something that Trax could do super well at.  There are only 2 things on here that I can see that he would really struggle with.  The "suspension bridge" and then the water. But he has already gotten a gazillion times better on the water so that is just a matter of more exposure, and then the bridge...well heck, if I can teach my horse to do a rope gate (given his fear of ropes) I know I can teach that bridge.  Just have to figure out how to build one.

Here is another one That looks kind of fun. Trax would lose his mind over the golf carts though!

This one is a good example of the things a horse might not want to do But I love that the gal put in all the the little thought boxes of what she or her horse was thinking through it all.

So anyway, these are some of the things I am looking at to try with him.  I really love the one they have in Oregon, but at this point I don't think we have anything like that in AZ.

But maybe its time we did!

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  1. Hmmm, I might look into this for Rio; I bet he'd enjoy it!