Monday, February 17, 2014

On the Verge

Every time I think we are making progress my horse has a melt down.

Today was one of those days.  Maybe Jay was right.  Maybe Trax just carries too much mental baggage.

I just don't know what to do anymore.

He is happiest being a trail horse, perhaps I need to just be okay with that.


  1. Wow, tough day. I know how that feels. Hang in there, the way will become clear at some point.

  2. I do think that horses can overcome most of their "baggage", but not all. Also, it is not easy and they NEVER forget. It has a way of popping out when you least expect it. I also think that not all horses are suited to all jobs. I'm a huge believer in versatility, variety and exposing horses to all sorts of different jobs, but that doesn't mean they will excel at all of those jobs.

    All that said though, I also think you should follow through on your plan to have Trax checked out by a chiro. We totally underestimate what kind of effect pain can have on our horses and, unless it is something obvious, we usually miss the subtle signs or mistake them for behavior issues. Horses deal with pain in such a variety of individual ways we rarely recognize them until they are gone. I have no idea if that is part of your troubles, but I would not rule it out without some investigation. You have mentioned his uneven front feet, that right there can be a source of body pain. It can also be caused by body pain.

    Just more stuff to think about, which I know you will be doing anyway:)

    1. I will do that it. You are right. I haven't even taken the time to check out if he is in pain yet.