Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Best Part of Being a Grandma

Is when your Grand daughter is truly horse crazy.

Some of my grand daughters say they love horses, but when it came time to be around them, they held their noses because there was poop.  So they are more of admirers from afar I think.  However, little Catrina, who is only 6, thinks they smell perfect, and jumped in with both feet this morning to help with chores.  Not just the fun chores, but the dog poop, the horse poop, the feeding, or what ever needed to be done.  Gotta love those horse crazy girls.   She was so excited when she got to lead Trax out to the pasture and he was a very good boy, watching her closely and keeping a safe distance so that no one got stepped on.  I wish I had gotten a picture of was so dang cute!

Since she was so helpful this morning, she got to go swimming in the pool and then she got to go for a ride.

  As always Big K did his most important job...taking care of the little ones.

Yes that is me (Granny) out there rockin the cutoffs with my Ariats....because I'm cool like that!

She did a great job with Killian, and eventually I even let her do the steering on her own. I'd love to get her down to my place a little more and really get her some experience so we could ride together in the big arena.

I really regret that we did not get to spend more time together as once again my job got in the way with my life.


  1. Too cute!! Looks like Killian makes the perfect 'pony ride' horse!

    1. His favorite speed under saddle is, walk. Which is what makes him perfect for it. Plus not much phases him, so that is a bonus.

  2. I'll never know the joy of being a grandma, my only child can't have children, but Beamer has taken many a child for their first ride. Nothing like the look on a kid's face the first time they feel a horse move under them! I can still remember being that horse crazy kid, and the smell of horses was the best thing! So glad yo have a granddaughter who loves horses.

  3. I bet that's really cool for both of you.