Thursday, May 15, 2014

What I do when I am bored.

With all the new country songs and videos out these days there seems to be some confusion about what real country girls look like.  While the girls in the videos are cute and everyone sure seems to be having a great time, the truth is, the girls who dress like that most likely have never even been on a real horse.

Since I am bored I made up a short list of some the things I think guys should look for when trying to spot that real country girl or cowgirl.   So I give you my:

Top 10 ways to tell if that girl is a real country girl.

1. Her favorite shoes are her cowgirl boots, they are filthy, scuffed up, leave a trail of manure,  and probably have spurs attached.

2. Her entire schedule revolves around the feeding, care and riding, of her horses.

3. Her "Little white tank top" has green slobber stains on it.

4. While she may own some cute little shorts, they are not everyday attire because lets face it, you cannot stack bales of hay in shorts.

5.  She can toss a bale of hay further than you can.

6. She expects that if you try to pass yourself off as a cowboy, you had better be able to ride and rope at least as well as she does.

7. Her hands are more callused than yours

8.  She can back a horse trailer into the tiniest spot on the first try.

9. It is  not unusual for her to smell like fly spray instead of perfume.

And the very best way to tell if that girl is a real country girl......

10.  At that moment when things got hot and heavy, and you reached back and unclasped her bra....a handful of hay fell out of her bra and into your lap.

I'm sure there are lots of things I am forgetting.  If anyone wants to add to my list feel free to comment.


  1. She can 'Rock that look' of her Ariat's with a skirt or cutoffs.
    Her tan lines aren't usually anywhere near the bikini areas.
    Her hat of choice may be a faded, dusty, sweat stained ball cap, not necessarily a 'cowboy' hat.
    Even her flip flops have the smell of horse manure embedded in them.
    She can drive that tractor better than you can.
    She knows how to disc and level an arena with the best of them.
    When it comes to dinner- she knows how to order out!
    She likes her beer ICE cold.
    She thinks nothing of talking about sheath cleaning in mixed company, often at the dinner table.
    She can compare wounds and scars on both her and her horse and can remember the time and date of how each one happened in great detail.
    Her farrier and vet are likely on high priority in her phone.
    She may own her own chainsaw and knows how to use it.
    She can often tell you what's wrong with her truck and sometimes fix it herself.
    She may not wear make-up, except when going out.
    Her idea of 'foundation' may be dust that washes off in the shower.

  2. Haha I love this, although me and backing up arent the best friends, but I didnt become a country girl till I was grown up so I have some excuses, lol

  3. She can eat a brownie and clean out a stall at the same time...

    great lists!

    1. I just blew mountain dew out my nose!