Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Miss.....

My sweet old guy

My handsome guy

My always hungry guy

My Shiny Guy

My World Traveler

My Goofball

I will always wonder if I made the right decision


  1. I know the feeling. Sometimes I think I shouldn't have prolonged his suffering, sometimes I think I shouls have tried harder, kept at it. When i think it through, I know it was time for him to go. But still, it's hard.

    Nobody can tell you definitively what's right, but in my opinion, you did right.

  2. When the bad days start to outnumber the good, it is still tough to make that call, but we know it is coming. We see the good days and have hope and when we see the bad days, sometimes it feels like all hope is lost. No matter how hard it is on us, as long as the horse no longer suffers, it is always the right thing.

    Appreciate the time you have with the ones you have now and appreciate the times you had with Dandy even more. He knew you needed a horse like Melody to come and simply made room for it to happen. Besides, he wouldn't want you to be sad. He's having the time of his life right now, frolicking in green pastures without a care. When the day comes that you meet up with him again, I bet you he will be the first one at the gate.

  3. Hugs girl, yes you did the right thing, just not the easy one. He will remain in your heart forever, and when the sad days come, and they seem to show up out of nowhere and we remember the lovely souls that graced our lives and hearts, just let it .It wouldn't hurt if you didn't love, and if you didn't love him you wouldn't be you

  4. I still feel that way about my dog I had to euthanize so I feel for you. Hugs!

  5. I've figured out that if I get to wondering if I did the deed too soon, it wasn't too soon, but the times I look back and know it wasn't too soon, it was definitely too late. I feel worse about those times. Doesn't make us miss them less but I hope it helps a little. Distance just makes us forget the bad time that made us make that decision. But, at that time, we made it with love and we surely put a lot of thought into making the right decision. Don't second guess yourself. You did the right thing for the old guy.