Friday, June 6, 2014

Poor kitty

Oscar De La Kitty is nocturnal, as most cats are. He is always there to greet me when I get home at 1am. In fact one night I was in the car listening to the radio. He decided I was not exiting the vehicle fast enough and jumped on the hood and peered in the window to see what the hold up was. 

He comes in long enough to snatch a quick bite and then yowls to go back outside.  I know better than to go to bed before he goes out. I have tried and he always wakes me up. 

Last night was no different but this morning he did not come in with the dogs which is unusual. 

About an hour later I saw him out front and noticed right away that something was wrong. 

He had been bit or stung by something.  Looks like it could be right on his eye lid. But also there is something hard and dried on his forehead. He was happy to be held and even purred as I tried to wash his head. 

I seemed to recall that in situations like this you can give Benadryl.  I researched on line and confirmed the memory, So I went and got a bottle of the children's liquid and administered a very small pint with one of my curved tip syringes. (Those things are the handiest investment I have ever made)   

He did not enjoy taking the medicine and actually started drooling and foaming at the mouth. 

Yes at that point I freaked out. 

Of course he also scratched the heck out of me and left town. I finally caught up to him wiped his mouth off and just held him for a bit. 

The drooling stopped and he started purring again- crisis over I let him go and he went for a nap in my bed room. 

Simon is home with him and keeping me updated. If he is not improved by morning we will take him to the vet. 

Poor poor kitty. 

Shae is coming out to ride again tomorrow and our goal is to get all the horses ridden once the sun goes down. 

I have informed TC that the very next project needs to me my covered tack area put back together...with lights.  I tried to ride last weekend at night but it was awfully hard to tack up in the dark. 


  1. So when we moved cross-country we got the furniture and one of the trucks and the horse shipped, but we had to pack up the dog and two cats in the other truck and drive from Ohio to Nevada. The cats were unhappy on the trip down to Memphis (to see family). They were extremely unhappy from Memphis to Wichita. They were LIVID when we locked them up again and headed west from Wichita, and Banders (god bless him, the fluffy psycho) hadn't stopped meowing since Kentucky, and we hadn't actually slept in two nights because he wouldn't stop meowing. Finally, rather than fling him out on the median of I-80 (we argued about the ethics of it and I finally decreed that we'd come this far and we couldn't toss him now) we stopped at a TSC and bought syringes. In the parking lot, I ground up like four Benadryl in water, looking like some kind of redneck junkie I'm sure, and we wrangled him out of the Cage of Hell and dosed him.
    Like poor Oscar, he immediately started drooling like Cujo.
    Unlike you, we stuffed him back in the box and laughed til we cried. I had to sit down on the running board and get myself back together. Then we drove west some more. He kept howling, but it wasn't as monotonous and eventually he fell asleep for a couple hours. Every time we stopped for gas, we doped him up again, and somehow we all made it to Reno. I can't say the same for our sanity.
    Anyway, yep, drooling is normal. I hope he feels better soon!

    1. Great Story!!! Thanks for letting me know that it is normal.

  2. Poor kitty!! It's hard to see a pet not feeling well or hurt. Hope he's doing better today. Have fun riding :)

  3. Benadryl to the rescue! Sounds like things should be right as rain soon for Oscar.

    Enjoy your ride tonight. Soon it will be light out, and still rather warm (to read- mid to upper 90's or even still 100 degrees out) until 9pm. Yes, we know that's 'normal' here.

  4. Cats don't take kindly to medication do they? I'll have to check out those curved syringes.
    With temps that high, I bet it's a lot nicer riding at night. Curious to see how your Melly-palooza does with night riding, I have heard tales of Appys having poor night vision. Which may or may not be an old wives tale.

    1. Actually I rode her at night last weekend as well. Well not me, but my friend Jamie was here from Oregon and she rode her, I rode Trax, and her room mate rode Killian. Melly did better than anyone. Trax was fairly decent, and Killian was a butthead. Go "good horse" is turning into my bad horse!