Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Princess and the Pole


My new friend Trax said that this blogging place is the place to come to when I have a story to tell that needs to be told to many people at once.   He says that very many nice horse men and women come to this blogging place to share stories, encourage worried ponies, brag about wonderful triumphs and help each other through sad times.   This sounds like a wonderful place to be, so here I am.

Who am I?

I am Princess Mellypalouza.   (also known as "Just In A Melody")

 A few months ago I came to live at a new place.  It seems to be a pretty nice place and my area where I get to spend most of my time is bigger than any place I have ever lived before.   I have made some friends, although the one I'd really like to get close too, I am kept away from.  He is big and red and handsome and I just know that we would make beautiful babies together.  Trax says I am not supposed to go near him, but I just can't help myself.  I think Trax is jealous.

For some reason the human minions where I live, the ones who bring me my food when I am hungry, who fill my water when I am thirsty, and who spray the flies when they are bugging me...those minions...they also do not want me near the big red horse. They never let us in the place with the free grass together.

I spend my free time mostly with my friend Trax.  Trax is a very nice guy, and I think that he has a crush on me, but he is not baby making material.  While we do have much fun together playing bitey face over the fence, grazing where the free grass grows, and romping in my arena...he is still just not the horse I would want to make babies with.  He is kind of short, and kind of fat, and although he can run really fast, he just isn't "the one".  I'm sure you mares understand.

Anyway, the human minions are pretty decent here, and have become quite good at catering to my needs.  However, sometimes they do lose sight of who is wearing the tiara, and they expect me do things. There is one in particular who expects me to do many things and we often argue.

Now please, do not take me as being lazy for I am not lazy at all.  I enjoy having humans ride me, I love showing off my fancy reining moves, and I actually spend quite a bit of time even my my Princess Palace staying in shape by trotting back and forth.  It is important for a princess to stay in good shape. You never know when they are going to ask you to show off your fancy princess reining moves.

There was a time when I was a great show horse.  I was going to go to the world show and win lots of pretty ribbons. But then I went to live with some new people and they did not let me go to the world show. They robbed me of my moment in the spot light.   I keep think that maybe I will get to show again, but I do not think my new humans know much about horse shows.

Trax said they took him to a horse show 2 times, but he did not like it.  I can not imagine how he could not have liked it.  I love when I am the center of attention...all eyes are on me....the crowd goes wild...(heavy sigh).

So back to the humans.  The Lady...she is Trax's lady...she is very strong willed most of the time, or she pretends to be at least.  Sometimes though I can feel that I make her nervous. I can't imagine why I would make her nervous, that paint horse should make her really nervous.  He is a little bit crazy ya know.  

There is another human. A young girl human.  She comes to ride me too, but she does not live where I live. She just comes to visit.  I like when she rides me.  She is as light as feather and has very soft hands. She doesn't bounce all over me, and for the most part understands how to tell me what she wants me to do.

Trax's Lady, she tries I think, but she really just isn't getting it.  I think she wants to be a good communicator, but so far she is failing.  Well that isn't totally true. She does seem to be getting a little bit better.

However this lady she is a bad influence on the light as a feather girl.  For some reason this lady is absolutely freaking obsessed with making me step over things.  I mean it is all she talks about when we are together.  It is frankly quite annoying.  Does she not understand that I am a reiner?  I am not some slow plodding, peanut pushing trail horse.  I do not do trail obstacles.   Now she has the feather girl thinking I need to do these things as well.

At first it was easy, all I had to do was refuse and I won.  Of course I won, I am bigger than she is, and I can kick her, if she tries to push me too hard. One day she tried spanking me, and although I did not actually try to kick her, I sure reminded her that I could if I wanted too.  It worked that day. She did not make me go over the pole.  But now she has gotten smarter, and a lot more dominant. She taught feather girl how to be dominant too. So I finally obliged and went over the pole 2 times for the feather girl. But that was it I was never going to do it again.

Well a few nights ago, after the lady made me participate in a fashion contest (I won by the way) decided that she wanted to ride me.  I was a good girl and tried very hard to do all the things she asked. I had hoped that if I was good it would be a short ride and I could go back to my dinner.   But then she insisted that I do many things.  We worked for a long time and I was pretty hot and sweaty, but I was happy with her attempts to ride me better.  I felt that for the most part she was really working hard at it.  "Good Job, human lady..good job indeed."

But then she insisted that I go over that stupid pole again!

Sheesh Lady!  What is it with you and the pole?

I went over it once with only a little hesitation. I figured that would be good enough.

But No.  She wanted me to do it again...and again.

The 3rd time I decided I had had enough and when she asked me to go over...well I just backed all the way up to the gate, hoping to high tail it out of there.

It worked pretty well too because she turned me away and we went and did something else.

Ah ha!  I thought for sure I had her figured out.

She asked again, and again I said, "No way!"

I was feeling pretty smug with myself, thinking I had won a major milestone because she jumped off me and I was hoping that meant we were done for the night.

I was wrong.

Instead she started back in with that dominance stuff she pulled on me a couple of weeks ago.  She gets all mean and makes me step sideways and smacks my shoulder and my belly until I go.  I try to out bully her but for a little thing she can be pretty tough when she wants too. It was like I woke up her inner troll or something, cuz she got really ugly with me really fast.

So finally I backed off and stepped away when she said too.  Sheesh, she didn't have to get so brutal about it....I am a princess after all and used to getting my own way.

We went back to working, and although she didn't ask to go over the pole again she did make me go between them and also made me stand my them to catch my breath.   I thought that resting by the gate made more sense, but she didn't see my pint of view at all.   I think this human is pretty dense sometimes!

Of course she couldn't let it go, she had to make me go over the pole again.  I did do it.  In fact I did it 2 more times.  She said I was a very good princess and was acting like the big girl that I am.

Okay, yes I admit to a certain amount of pride over that. I still do not love the thought of foreign objects in my arena, but I suppose that if she doesn't try to turn me into a peanut pusher, I can oblige by at least trying to learn how to do a few new things.

She said that since I did so good we could quit working, but she was not entirely honest. She then made me open the gate to the arena and walk down the dark rocky area where the trucks and trailers drive.  That was another first for me, and I was sure that some sort of predator was just waiting to jump out of the shadows and eat us, but none came.

So I guess I will be okay in this new place, although I hope this lady gives me something more to do than jump over poles though.  I wish she would buy some cows for me to push around.  Princesses need many minions to push around and cows make great minions.

Humans....not so much.


  1. From the minion of many Appaloosas, welcome to blogging Melody! I am sure to enjoy your posts. And remember, Miss Appytude, you don't always have to be right to be happy.

  2. Yay blogger fixed things so I'm getting my feed back!
    Well miss Princess, I think you will learn that sometimes the minions are right, and that the things they want you to do are going to make you into a much better Princess who will have many more admirers!

  3. Hi there Miss Melly. This is the local pony man Kat. *waves a hoof from afar*

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and burst your bubble there Miss Princess, but the lady you refer to as your minion happens to be the Queen of the castle. She out ranks you.

    While you might think there are things you don't like or want to do, if she asks you to do them, you need to do them. She's not going to let you get hurt or eaten by predators. And you can trust me on this, because my lady has pushed me to do a LOT of insane stuff for a pony to even consider, but we have always gotten thru it ok.

    Mine straps me to this weird rolling contraption and she follows me around. She even insisted we started going into water. I still hesitate and at first I was scared to death, but I am getting better at it and trusting her. Sometimes I still think she's a bit nuts.

    Be warned, your lady and mine have gotten together a few times. Once they rode together in the rolling contraption behind me. I may have scared your lady enough that she won't consider doing that with you, so you might be safe there.