Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Home Again

We are home from our vacation and I'm still trying to get over the effects of the Dramamine I am forced to take in order to fly anywhere.  

Tc on the other hand has gone righty back to work which is a good thing. The ponies figured out that the hotwire wasn't working while we were gone and took it upon themselves to now the grass around the trees outside of the pasture. While we always appreciate the help, we don't really appreciate when they "trim "  the trees too. 

Luckily the property is completely fenced and closed off now, so even if they get out they can't run away. 

I don't have a lot if exciting news about our vacation. We didn't do much just took it easy, and my main concern was getting to spend time with this little guy. 

We did have some great fun with him, but some of it was overshadowed by the "other grandma" who I do not care for so much and really don't understand.  

Her daughter, Nikolas' mom, is 20. She wants to get her drivers license and get a job. Her mother will not let her. She wants her to stay home all the time. 

I cannot fathom why any parent would set their own child up for failure like this.  Mommy dearest is not always going to be around to provide for her, and when that day comes Stefany is going to be in big trouble.  I can't imagine how being in control of my adult child would be more
Important than empowering her to be a strong independent woman. 

My son pays child support and has to fight to see his own son. Not because of Stef, but because her mom always finds away to stop it. Even when I came to town and asked if we could have a picnic at the park, her mom insisted that she come along to supervise. 

I admit to having a hard time keeping my mouth shut that day. 

Anyway I tried to focus on the boy and we played and had so much fun. We also went swimming and took granny/baby selfies. 

I saw my friend Jay and stopped out to see his ponies. 

The dark bay belongs to his exwife.  She seems to have abandoned him. A crying shame because he is a great horse. 

Anyway tomorrow I have to work but then the next 3 days I am going to devote as much time as possible to da ponies. 

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Foruth of July! 


  1. Family is tough, but I agree with you that does seem a little selfish for her to not let her daughter do anything. But he sure is a cutie, glad you got to see him and had a good vacation. Always nice to be home though.

  2. Overbearing mothers have ruined a lot of lives. Too bad the daughter doesn't cowgirl up and take control of her own life.
    Did the horses all get out together? No drama there?

    1. Just the spotted horses and nope no drama.

  3. Too bad about the other Grandmonster! what a silly selfish woman! Hope her daughter gets her backbone firmed up and says enough! As for you, I love the picture of you and your handsome grand baby!

  4. What a cutie he is! And you my dear are rocking that blond hair. I like it.

    Having an overbearing, dominating parent can be a challenge. Maybe his granny thinks that forcing her daughter to stay home and care for the child will somehow make her 'see the light' and not be so quick to jump the gun (so to speak) the next time. At the same time though, making her get out and get a job will also drive home the point that kids are way damned expensive to raise and money doesn't always seem to go far enough. Kind of makes you wonder what grannys home life and childhood were like.

    We all know parenting is a tough and 95% of the time a very thankless job. But the rewards of the other 5% are without measure. I wish Stefany and Nikolas the best. Life doesn't always give any of us an easy path to follow.

    1. Thanks CNJ, I'm liking the new hair color too. I hope I didn't come across as not liking Stefany. I actually adore her. I always have. She is a a sweet girl, and a book worm, and we actually have a lot in common. It makes me sad that she and Colton are not together, but he swears it is for the best, and I trust his judgement. I know he sure tried to get her back for a long time.

    2. It sounds to me like you are supportive of her, just not a fan of her situation and wish it could be different, to read-> better. We've all been there. We want good things for ourselves and others that we care about.

      Sometimes a good split is better than a bad relationship. It's good that they get along and you can still see Nikolas. He's a cutie and will surely steal hearts. Not that he hasn't already.