Monday, July 28, 2014

I wish I could say I didn't see it coming...or that I am sad

A lot has happened in the last few days. It started Thursday when I went to take simon for his school shopping. We stopped for breakfast and while waiting on out food I checked my bank account to see how much I could spend without getting into trouble.

The answer was zero. 

Since I knew my next pay check was already spent on horse stuff and bills I decided to go ahead have that yard sale I've been planning. 

Friday morning was spent gathering items and posting on the local yard sale FB page in order to generate customers. 

When I got to work on Friday my boss was there, which was highly unusual, especially on a Friday.  The first thing he did was compliment my hair ( which was a frizzy mess) and then called me
To the conference room.   

Uh oh

Then I saw the HR guy and I knew what was next. I was laid off. It was done with all the usual " it's been great working with you"  " you didn't do anything wrong" " we really hate this" " if there is anything you need like a letter of reference" etc etc etc. 

As they went on and on I kind of faded off into my head. I had to keep telling myself "DO NOT jump for joy until you are gone- stop smiling- for cryin out loud at least try to act hurt" 

They gave me my final check, shook my hand and said, "We really hope you will try to get on at one of the other dealerships, you are really good at this and have a bright future ahead of you."

"Um...yeah, not likely.  If I never sell another truck part again it will be okay with me."  

Now don't get me wrong. This was not a bad job by any means. But after a very short period of time there I remembered exactly why I quit selling parts in the first place. It's a no win job.  It is impossible to be successful when the actual manufacturers of the trucks and parts, make it harder and harder to find the correct part numbers to sell to the customers...customers who are rarely happy.  Combine that with working a grave yard shift when most of my resources for information were closed....there was no way to get it right. 

Oddly enough just a few days before this I had, for the first time in months I found myself at the Craig's list jobs and saw an intriguing ad looking for someone with dog breed experience who also has office manager experience, to schedule mobile grooming appts.   This has the potential to be a work from home position.

Say What??????

So I sent an email introducing myself and gave a brief summary of my experience (grew up in dog show world- worked for professional handlers, office manager, customer service)  and then promised to send my resume' as soon as I got home. Well I never got around to it, since my resume' needed updated.

As I was packing up my stuff to leave my-no-longer-employment, my phone rang.  I did not answer it then because I was busy, but as soon as I got to the truck called the number back.  It was the HR Manager from the mobile grooming place.  He said, "I have not received your resume' yet, and was wondering if you have sent it. We are very intrigued by your experience and would like to start the interview process with you."

So yes, they have my updated resume' now!

Moving on, I went on with my yard sale.  I didn't sell any of my big items (the saddle line up being the majority of that- total of 3 Circle Y's, and 2 other saddles.  I could have sold at least 4 roping saddles and 2 barrel saddles had I had them.  So I know where I need to invest my money next.

The biggest thing I did with this sale was make connections, hand out fliers, and get my name out there.  I have several folks interested in bringing me saddles to work on.  Other people who will be back to see if I have any roping saddles, and 2 other people who know someone looking to board.  I also had two older ladies, who I recognized from when I worked at the Ranch Store, come to see what I had. They bought a headstall, and we ended up gabbing for an hour. As it turns out one of them is a retired Lab breeder who is friends with some of the folks my family started out showing dogs with. These are ladies that I went to dog shows with almost every weekend. So that was kind of cool.

It was a great weekend, and now we are moving into the week.

First thing I did this morning was get up at 5am and take The Princess for a ride.  We worked in the arena for a while, mostly just giving her time to limber up.  Boy howdy she was stiff.  Once she got moving she did much better, but it took her a bit.  She went over the pole a few times, the last time without even hardly any hesitation at all.

Then we went out down the road.  She hesitated at the gate track so we did that a few times and then just casually walked down the furthest stretch of road I live on.  A truck went past, she never even gave it a second glance.  However there just as we were headed down a tow truck with a big flat bed and flashing lights and a loud diesel engine turned on a street and parked in front of one of the houses. That made her nervous but we made it through it.

At first she said, "I can't do this"

But I said, "Yes you can, your a big girl. I promise to keep you safe."

Then I took a deep breath, let all my air out, heard her let hers out and urged her forward.  She gave it a wide berth, and I gave her that, but she did it without trying to bolt, and she got lots of praises on the other side.

Then we went the rest of the way to the end, stepped out on the pavement where she spooked at the yellow lines.

"Really Mel?"

Once she realized that she could step on them and there was no difference then she walked all over them.

Then we turned around and headed home. Back past the scary truck.  Less of a wide berth this time and all the way home.  I was very proud of her.  She handled everything like a pro!

Now I am off to start getting some things squared away towards getting this new business venture of mine up and running!

Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it! 


  1. Congrats on your layoff! Funny how that works out sometimes. Good luck on your new venture and great job with the Princess!

  2. One door closes and another one opens! Sounds like you are gonna be a happy camper!

  3. White lines, dotted lines, yellow lines and solid lines have given more than one horse cause to look and look again. Several of mine were a bit unsure the first few times over them and a few of them still give a hesitant step or two going over them before settling down to say screw it, they're just lines.

    One door closes... and dang it's a small world- horses or dogs. Hope the new job works out. It sounds like you needed a change for the better.

  4. Wishing you the best in your new adventure.

  5. It seems weird to say "congratulations on your layoff", but congratulations on your layoff! :) Sounds like things couldn't have worked out any better!

  6. What perfect timing. You have had some really good ideas coming to you, had time to sort of get the ball rolling and now...No more 'yob' to hold you back. This other stuff you have going sounds way more fun. :-)

    I'll just join everyone else in saying, 'Congratulations on the lay-off!!'. :-D

  7. Um ditto to all of the above. I hope the new job works out and your saddle venture. Speaking of, if you have an Aussie saddle that might fit my impossible to fit TWH, let me know:).

  8. Well, YAY!!! Isn't it amazing how so many blessings come our way just when we need them? I bet you'll get that job. It's gotta be better than graveyard shift selling truck parts. How's everything else going? I've been away from the blogs for a while and have hardly done any reading at all. I got lots of catching up to do! Sounds like you are good though! :) I've been thinking about a garage sale too, it just sounds like a lot of work and if nothing much sells, then what? I sound lazy huh? We have a lot of stuff I'd love to relocate...that's what my hubby calls garage sales. Junk relocation sales. :) *wink* But, you and me - we got good junk, right?