Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Ad....Revisited

Some of you may recall a joke a made at one time about how if I ever put up a for sale ad for Trax it would read something like:

For Sale, Beautiful Paint Gelding, 12 years old.   Tons of go, absolutely no stop, occasionally acts like a broke horse.

Today I have decided to add something to that ad.

FOR SALE:  Gorgeous paint gelding, approx 13 years old.   Tons of go, not much stop, occasionally acts like the broke horse that he is.  He is the same horse whether you ride every day, or leave him sit for a month.  By the same, I mean unpredictable and wily.   Will consider trade for junk car, guns or small burro.

Of course I am joking.  I would not sell this horse any more than I would sell TC...or my kid (on his good days- there are other days when I would sell him for  nickle- lol)

He actually is not the same horse if you don't ride him.  He is very predictable providing your predict that he is going to be a little on the broncy side.

I was trying to get out there early to ride but it was after 8 am and already hotter than the hubs of hell, but we went for it anyway. I knew I was going to keep it short, but of course he cannot read my mind and was not happy that he was being saddle.  In fact, since my saddle was still missing cinch pieces due to being worked on, I threw it up on him, went to the tack shed to grab parts and came back out just in time to hear (not see) a big thud.

 My saddle was on the ground.

Really Trax???

Since I really do learn from having my head slammed into trees, I recognized what he was saying loud and clear.


So once he was saddled we went to the round pen.

I grabbed my stick, did my usual rub all over with it, and when it went under his belly he bucked in place three times.


"Yes Trax I hear you, but we are going to do just a little bit of work today."

20 min later he quit racing around the round pen.  I figured it was safe to get on.

It was.

Our ride was quiet and uneventful, just how I like em.

Okay well maybe not totally uneventful, but his attempts at being unruly were more funny than mean.

He only tried to bolt on me once, and even that was half-hearted.  He did bucked once when I accidentally jabbed him with a spur, but that was just a protest more than a "I'm gonna lose you" buck.  We did the best gate execution that I have ever seen him do.  Our lead changes were sloppy and practically non-existent, and the sweat was pouring off of both of us. When he finally gave me an actual attempt on the lead change I quit.  We did a little side passing and then called it a day.

He got a nice hose down and some fly spray and went back to his pen.  He enjoyed the water so much today I don't even think he rolled after his bath.

So no, the paint horse is not for sale.  Not now not ever, but he sure does crack me up some days.


  1. Yup I think we all feel that way sometimes about our horses. But it just adds to the fun (and frustration) that comes with owning horses.
    Glad you got a ride in anyways even if he was trying to convince you otherwise.

    1. That is so true, where as some folks think his "quirks" are bad, or even dangerous, to me they are just part of who he is and more often than not I laugh at him.

  2. He was just checkin' to see if you were serious!

  3. I cannot imagine working in that heat! glad it went well and he was overall a good boy. Sure does have his opinions doesn't he