Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Randomness

Don't know if I can keep down to five today. Stop in at Nancy's for others random posts

1. The ongoing project with Sassy is exhausting!  Not the actual doing part...the mental part.

2. I called my canine vet hospital to see if I could pick up a Monoject 412 curved tip syringe.  The response I got was something like this...
"We can't give those out- they require a prescriptions"
"Um but I can buy them on line without a prescription I just need one sooner than that."
"Sorry too many addicts using them for bad things"
"You can't even attach a needle to it."
"Sorry Ma'am, I have to go now"
I ordered them on line.

3. Speaking of syringes- I used a regular big syringe today to treat Sassy's cracks and a big needle that isn't sterile, but good for getting stuff in tiny spots.  The needle was in its case and the syringe was in its case and both were on the barrel by the tack room. I had to run inside to grab something I had forgotten and when I came back out, there was Miss Sassy happily chewing on something.  I got there just in time for her to spit out the green case of the needle...luckily the needle was still in it.  She is so crazy- but fun crazy, not crazy crazy.

4. Speaking of lame....Oscar de la Kitty came in on three legs today.  I can't see what the problem is, but it is foot related. No wound, if it is swollen it isn't much, but he won't let me touch it and he won't put any weight on it.  All I can do is watch it for now and see what happens.

5. I went to Jim's Burros for lunch and ended up getting to work really early today.  So I decided to kill sometime at the Harley shop just around the corner.

I sat on one of these and all I can say is "WANT!!!!"  I've decided I'm going to trade off TC's 2011 Dodge pick up for one.  When I called him and told him he said sure....I don't think he believes me.  I would look so cool going down the road one one of flying in the wind...oh wait I don't have any hair.

6. Which brings me to my next random thought.  I am currently sporting the worst hair cut EVER!   Some days it looks like a Justin Bieber cut, other days more like Glen Campbell.  On the worst days it is some sort of odd combination of both.  I hate it!  But I am trying so hard to let it grow long enough to cut it to one length and then just let it grow out some.  Because it is so bad I wear a lot of hats. Hats make me look like a dude. I know this because a while back I was at a store and a little girl and her dad walked past me and she said "Daddy, how come that lady looks like a boy?"  Awesome.

7. Since I am talking about appearances, let me share about the other thing that drives me nuts right now. When I quit my job in WY and started the project of moving, I lost about 10- 15 lbs.  I kept most of that off up until I started working nights.  Now it is all back again and then some.  I hate it!  This has nothing to do how I think others view me, or even how I view myself when I look in the mirror. I don't even own a full length mirror anymore.  This is about how I feel when ever I try to DO ANYTHING.  The best way to describe it is "Cumbersome".   I am a person who likes "to do" and dragging all this extra weight around is getting to be...a drag.

So with that in mind I went and had Mexican food for lunch.  

I am taking steps to make the weight loss happen, starting with taking less food to work with me.

8.  I am soooooo over the construction project at our house.  I told the contractor (same one who came to WY and built our barn) to please not let the project spill over into my horse area.  Every day my arena gets a little smaller.  Its frustrating, but on the bright side, the foundation is done and the frame is going up so at least now I can imagine that it might be done by summer.  Yay!

9.  Even though it seems like I am complaining, I found myself the other day feeling giddy over how awesome my life is right now.  It really is too.  Sure there are always things I want or think I "need" but truthfully I am perfectly content.  I like that.


  1. working nights sucks I agree, screws up your system entirely! and you cant buy a catheter tip syringe from your vet???what weirdness are the junkies up too?? never mind I don't think I want to know !

  2. and yes I realize how terribly inappropriate it is to call those suffering addictions junkies, I had a lapse

  3. Interesting about the motorcycle... that's what brought me and my hubs together some years back -- now, ours has been in storage for quite a few years now. Funny how your priorities change. :)

  4. i have always wanted a motorcycle. so fun!! ( :