Friday, January 17, 2014

Random Five Friday!

Hooking up with Nancy again this week for some random thoughts for Friday.

1.  At night when I am driving home, sometimes the urge to play "Pac Man" with the road construction markers is almost irresistible.

2.  I hate dusting, but live in the dustiest place on earth.

3. My house decorating plan is as follows:  Write down your ten favorite decorating themes, then use them all sporadically through your house.  Make sure nothing matches and that way everything will not matching.

4.  I secretly would love to drive in a demolition derby just one time.  But then they say you can't do it just once and I'm afraid I'd become addicted.

5. When I was a kid and wold go visit my grandparents in Louisiana, on of my favorite things to do was to pick pecans from and around their big pecan tree.  I love fresh pecans. Cannot stand the store bought ones.  I want a pecan tree so badly.  Recently I saw some kids down the road doing the same thing in their grandpas tree.  Now, I really want a pecan tree!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  I know I'm going to!


  1. A pecan tree would be neat. I'm not sure they can grow where we are though.

  2. lol at number 1 and i can relate to number 3, my house is the same! my grandparents had orange trees and i loved to pick my own oranges when i was outside playing. i'd just pick an orange and eat it and continue playing!

  3. I hate dusting too. We had plum, apple, mulberry and peach trees growing up, it was so awesome to just pick one or 5 whenever I got hungry while playing outside. Hope your horsey weekend is fantastic :)

  4. Oh, the lure of traffic cones...:)

    Thanks for the reading suggestions, I'll check them out. They all look interesting and, best yet, I haven't read any of them.

  5. i am so shocked to see that you could probably dust more than 2 a day & it would still be dusty .... guess it is what is more important than other things ... i guess. i love a good read. thanks!! ( :

  6. I want to slolom in the traffic cones. You know, weave through them back and forth... yeah. I'm sure it's not a good idea to try it.

    If you're going to try demo derby? You want either a 68 Chrysler Imperial (BEST Derby cars EVER!) or an early 70's Chevy station wagon. Trust me on this. You also want a high back bucket set- the kind with the head rest built in. Your neck will thank you for it. County fair is in the spring... No Sandbaggin' either. You might be in the Powder Puff Derby, but those women are no sissy's.

    Pecans? We had a peach tree growing up and peas. I have my peas in the ground now. 35+ coming up and it is still not enough. Nothing like fresh sweet peas... yummmmmm

  7. I say plant your pecan tree Cindy! No better time than now (or at least, when the time of year is right.)