Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No Riding for me Today

Life got in the way today, too much busy to get to ride.  But I have high hopes for tomorrow.

In other news Sassy threw one of her high heels last Thursday, so the trimmer is there right now pulling the other and fitting her in her boots and pads. She will also assess the sole and frog/thrush situation and advise what she thinks the next step will be.

I was really hoping to be there, but we just could not coordinate our schedules.  Kind of frustrating. This damn job is always in the way of what I want to do, but without it, there is no money to pay for those things that I want to do.  LOL!

I will update tomorrow with some pics if I can.


  1. that pesky work to live thing, I suffer with it too

  2. It cuts into my riding/driving time as well... We can all relate. *sigh*