Tuesday, June 25, 2013


These are 11 random questions from Funder, over at It seemed like a good idea at the time.

1.  Where are you from? 
2.  Where have you been?
3.  What scares you the most (and I don't mean "spiders")?
4.  What's your favorite food?
5.  What's your biggest regret, or do you not believe in regrets?
6.  Favorite band (with links!)
7.  What's the first name you ever gave?  (I named my first cat Butterfly.  I was three.  I have no explanation.) 
8.  Is there a name you're saving?  For a girl child, or a homebred horse, or a funny cat name?
9.  Biggest personal accomplishment, present or future?
10.  What's your favorite book?  (reusing this, but I always love to hear the answers.)
11.  What do you want for your epitaph?

My answers:

1.  Born in Shreveport, grew up in Arizona, currently in Wyoming, moving back to AZ.

2. To the darkest depths of my mind and back to the light again.

3. Being homeless.

4. That is tough, probably my own home made waffles. Or Gravy....gosh I love gravy!

5. That I didn't fight hard enough to get custody of my 2 older sons, and then used that as an excuse for a lifetime of self medicating.

6. This one is a no brainer...number one fav of all time is Jalan Crossland  or http://www.jalancrossland.com/
 I also love The Allman Brothers and Dicky Betts  This particular video is one of my favorites they ever did.  There is something about a simple Jam session that does it for me.   There is another guy named Diamond Lou, down in Texas that I really like, but can't find the link to his video right now. (He is my brother)

7. I think that would be my Golden Retriever, Charm.  She had a registered name that I can't remember now. But she was a show dog that was sold to me by a friend of my mom's. Her sire was the top winning Golden in the country at the time, and she was equally as gorgeous. We won every time we went into the show ring, but then she got bone cancer and had to be put down.

8.  I always thought Treasure would be a pretty name for a girl, but alas I had all boys. I also love the name Lillian.   I have a name I want to name a horse some day....Wheels.

9. Just celebrated 10 years free from active addiction. That is a biggie for me.

10.  Tam the Untamed and the rest of the Ajax series and the Brumby series by Mary Elwyn Patchett. I love her books with a passion. They are geared for young folks, but I still love to read them even now.   The Symphony of Ages series (specifically Rhapsody) by Elizabeth Haydon.  I wish that some brilliant movie producer would pick this up and recognize what a great movie it would make.
 Of course all the Harry Potter books, and also the Lord of the Rings. I am a sucker for a good fantasy and these were so well written, I could not put them down.  The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, where we learn a lot about being a human from the perspective of a dog.  Horse Power- A Memoir by Annette Israel, which is a great horse story.    Deep summer by Gwen Bristow. (I read this a million times as a young girl, and just found out today that it was part of a trilogy so now I need to get the set!)

11. She came to believed that all things were possible, and so they were.

I would love to see other peoples answers to the questions.  Feel free to answer them here or send me a link to your own blog with the answer.


  1. Awesome answers! I'll check out your books, definitely, and save your music for when I'm in a country mood.

    Love your epitaph!

    I've got a lot of addiction in my family history but I've always managed to stay out of the black hole so far. Congrats on what you've accomplished.

  2. Heartfelt congratulations on your 10 years free. I have a very dear friend who is 26 years sober, so I know how much determination and courage that takes. Kidos.

  3. Arg! Fat fingers! Kudos, not kidos, lol.