Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trax breaks in the new trailer

I did get to go ride yesterday, the storms seemed to go right around us and the wind even stopped long enough for me to actually enjoy the ride.

The ride itself was uneventful (just how I like them) but also wasn't anything to write home about.  It was more of the same. Down ward transitions, some obstacles, and loping in squares.  Trax did quite well, except for the whole moving off my leg part.  I forgot my spurs (again) and I am starting to think they have become a crutch for him us I have trouble getting him to side pass with out them.

One thing that was funny was there was a small man gate to the arena open and Trax kept gravitating to it. So I decided we would close it from horse back.  I moved him up to the gate and asked him to side pass over so that I could close it. It took some work but we got er done. Then I opened it again, and we went through it and I was going to try it from the out side.  Epic fail there, because he saw open territory and thought, "Woo hoo, we are done!"  And tried to head for the trailer.  So I turned him around and we went back into the arena, but I had to let go of the gate.  I lined him along side of it, as it was open inward, so we could close it again.  Trax said, "Here let me get that for you."  He tucked his nose and then used it to push that gate shut as hard as he could.  I laughed so hard I almost fell off.  He was quite proud of himself and I was laughing too hard to work on it anymore so we went back to riding.

We did the rope gate from the left and the right, backed through our L trotted over poles, and just all kinds of different things. He really did great.  Once we did our canter work we really had to work again on the downward transitions, but eventually I was able to sit in my seat and say walk without touching the reins and he would slow down. He wouldn't hold it for very long, but I just kept doing it over and over again.

We did one reining pattern which he executed perfectly the second time around, so at that point we called it a day, I dropped the reins and let him wander around. He would try to speed up and I would use my seat again to ask for a walk, which eventually he would give to me.  It was a completely uneventful ride, just like I said, but slow, simple, and easy was exactly what I am looking for with him.

I think Trax likes the new trailer.  I know that I do. It was so easy to get my tack in and out, and it actually pulls down bumpy dirt roads really nicely.  I'm still having to learn to compensate for the length of the trailer when I turn corners.

I think what he really likes are the big windows. He likes to see out as we go down the road.  I had the window and the  safety bars open at first.
Aw shucks

Hey Lady, you got cookies?
But then as I was driving I looked back and saw this

See his nose sticking out of the window?  You can Bigify it to see it better.  I tried to get a picture of him sticking his whole head out but my phone wasn't fast enough.  I decided that having his big old long nose hanging out the window could be bad, especially if I hit a bump, so I stopped and but the safety  jail bars back up.   Naturally, being Trax he did a great job of breaking it in, by peeing and pooping.  I can always count on him for that! (personally I am thrilled that he is comfortable doing so)  The good news is that it no longer smells like new rubber!

As I was leaving the arena I got a call from my neighbor. Marks son, Dallas was there to give Trax a quick trim.  He had was just finishing up one of her horses, and I pulled up just in time.  Usually Mark does my trims but he is still in Haiti, and Trax was starting to crack in  few spots. I just wanted him cleaned up a tad before the show. For an 18 year old kid, he does a pretty decent job. He isn't quite as adept as his dad, but I was not unhappy with his work by any means.  The cracks are cleaned up, he didn't take off too much, and his feet look nice just in time for the show.

Afterwards I needed to feed my ponies before I went in and got him a check, and he jumped right in and gave me hand. As I was writing his check out, he grabbed my dog food bowls and fed my dogs too.   He took care of them all when I was out of town so he knew what to do.  I told him he could come be "my kid" any time he wanted!  He is a good boy, much like his dad.  I sent his mom a text and told her so too.  I think that it is nice as a parent to hear when your kids do good.  They are a nice family, and I will miss them when I am gone.

I am hoping to get one more ride in tonight, just to work on those transitions a little bit more.


  1. Picture the transition in your mind. See it how you want it to look. Just like your stops, sit and quit. Sit down, quit 'riding' or following the canter movement with your body and he should slow down to the walk. It may not happen at first, but it will happen and become smoother each time.

    If it helps, start with walk/stops. Let him get a feel for what is going on and what you want. Then move on to trot/walk, trot/stop through the walk or just trot/stops and eventually he will get the lope/walk transition just as calmly and smoothly too. There may be a saddle between us of varying thicknesses, but it has been working wonders on my sometimes belligerent mare.

    1. Okay, that actually makes a ton of sense. Thanks I will try that.

  2. Gotta love those ponies and their desire to christen the trailer whenever it's clean :) Sounds like a really lovely evening.

    1. Actually it was...easy peasy just how I like them

  3. Sounds like you are ready for the show! I like those kinds of rides, where everything happens but nothing super and nothing awful.