Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A great article on sheath cleaning

In prep for today's dental work and subsequent sedation, I decided to do a little light reading as I intend on taking full advantage of said sedation.

I found this article very well written on sheath cleaning.


My horse reeks of smegma all the time, so it is time to fix it.

I think this summarizes it quite well.


  1. That's cute. Fortunately pony man is quite good at the process. He drops and is patient for cleaning, expecting his reward to be a nearby cooperative mare. Sorry there little guy. Not this time around. Otherwise I use the hose to spray up in there every time I rinse him. I have always done this and never had a horse object to it yet. No nozzles of course, just the hose and my thumb over the end of it to make it spray.

  2. We cleaned Ashke's sheath a year ago. Two doses of sedative. Laser stimulation over the kidneys. The vet was still to her elbow inside him and I was holding his hind foot out behind him, because even sedated he wanted to kick a hole in the wall.

    In the two years I have had him, I have seen him out of his sheath once. He pees from inside his sheath.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39tJ_DYeM_Y
    I always like to share that song when I read stuff about sheath cleaning.
    Then I smile inside because I have a mare :)

  4. I love that article. Perfect combination of practical instruction and humor, because you MUST have a sense of humor if you need to clean a sheath.

  5. I'm like CnJ...Almost all of my horses are 'trained' to drop and I can even clean the bean from most of them without even having to reach up inside. Moon is especially fond of having his penis cleaned (the perv!!).

    I also stick the hose up in there every time I hose their legs and afterward just pour some mineral oil or baby oil on my hand and swab it around inside the sheath, pulling off the loose gunk and lubing the penis when they extend.

    LJ is still in training and Jet is not 'fond' of it, but nobody has ever kicked my head off. :-)

  6. We're really lucky here; we have a company called Willy Washers that will come do it for you! :)