Monday, March 24, 2014


I have not ridden since the boys got their teeth done.  Partially because I was giving them time to recuperate, and partially because I have been super busy.  They got some pasture time and lots of long naps in the sun, while laying in their favorite dust holes in the pens. I'm sure their mouths are healed by now.

I noticed something with Trax yesterday.   Our last two rides which did not go so well, he was distant when I went out to halter him.  He moved to the other side of his pen and turned his butt to me.  Occasionally he would turn his head to see what I was doing but if I acted like I was headed towards him, he would look away again.  But still I made him work...and both days were bad.

The last few days, when I have come out to his pen he comes to the gate to greet me.  He follows me around the pen.  If I have a halter he sticks his nose in the halter, asking me to take him out.  He did that several times yesterday.

When I worked on his feet he was dozing, if he started to fall too deeply into his slumber he would startle and wake up again, and pull his foot back. Not consciously pulling it away to be rude, but more like how a person will  jump in their chair if they are nodding out while sitting up.

He has been mellow and relaxed, and asking for human contact.

MY horse...asking for human contact?  Proof that he is changing.

I always try to avoid humanizing my horses.  I mean sure, in fun I will do it, especially in the name of a good blog post, but I know that horses don't think the same way we do.

But still.....I can't help but wonder if he is trying to say he is ready to go back to work.


  1. sounds to me like he is interested in working, horses do enjoy work I believe, not humanizing them just like any critter human or otherwise minds need stimuli

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  3. Horses aren't human but they do have opinions and wants. Hopefully this means your next ride will be better! It seems like maybe he wasn't feeling well for a while there.

  4. I bet the teeth work really made him feel better, and not being in pain will make him a more willing partner.

  5. I was thinking it might be the work on his teeth might have made a difference in how he's feeling and his willingness to work. Never know. :) I'm glad he's feeling better.