Friday, March 28, 2014

More on Dennis Reis

I did not get to ride today, had to take care of some legal-ish stuff, so the paint horse got a day off.  Tomorrow however will be desert day, and the day after that we will go move some cows around at the neighbors.

It was slow last night at work so I ended up tooling around on you tube.  This time I was watching more Dennis Reis.

I thought I'd go ahead and share a little of what I was watching.   The one thing I enjoy about Dennis is how he talks through the thought process with each move.

This was the first one I watched.  Granted there isn't really any ground breaking revelations, but I just enjoy watching him work with this problem horse.  I especially like how he really explains the point behind the flag. So many people use it to move their horses instead, of using it to desensitize, which to me seems counter productive.

Here is another.

This one is specifically on the techniques and the thought process behind the round pen work.

There are many more video's but the best ones are the ones on his CD's.  I would love love love to go to one of his clinics.  Maybe someday.


  1. His videos are very good, his TV show is good, though brief. He's not the same person as the one you see on the videos. I disliked him intensely in person, and so did my horse.

    1. I've heard that he can be a little harsh in person.

  2. In the first video- He kept saying the horse relaxed and he stopped the stimulus, but I didn't see the horse relaxing or him stopping anything but waving the damn flag around. Granted I only made it thru the first couple minutes or so, but I used to watch him on the RFD channel long ago, back in the day... when it was often referred to as the Really F'ing Dumb channel because some of the programming content was exactly that. Really F'ing Dumb.

    He's a lot better than the parasite Parelli, I will give him that, but there's still a lot of things that I don't buy into just because someone has a bunch of videos out or offers clinics. To each their own though and what works for some, doesn't work for one and vis-versa.

    I know for filming purposes of the shows, they may be sorta limited to working in the round pen, but what happens when there is more space? I have seen CA and a few others having filmed shows or episodes in arenas, but DR never seems to make it out of the round pen. That just makes me wonder why that is. Granted his show is Round Pen Reasoning, but there's more to life and riding, than just a round pen as we all know.


  3. DR has a very bad temper, and a very large ego. They don't mix well. At the clinic I took my horse to, he spent only 15-20 minutes out of an 8 hour day with students who had paid $500.00 apiece to be there. He was verbally abusive to everyone, students, his employees, and his wife.

    Also, he learned almost everything he knows from Parelli. They cowboyed together as teenagers, he studied with and worked for Parelli for years. Dennis is one of the reasons the Parellis are so paranoid about their students now, and make them sign contracts about what they can say and do, what they are allowed to say about Parelli and his training. I will also say, Parelli doesn't bad-mouth his wife, he has nothing but praise for her. If anyone ever treated me the way I saw DR treat his wife in public, I would be in tears.

    1. I'm by no means a Parelli fan either.