Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Morning Paper

TC gets so frustrated when I head straight to the computer each morning when I get up.  First I make coffee, then I sit down and go straight to blogging.

I finally explained it to him like this.

"You like to read the paper with your coffee in the morning. For me it is just like that only it is only about the things I care about, Horses.  I don't have to read about the crime rate or about Obama, or about what some shady politician is up to now. I do not care about the state of world affairs, they are things out of my control.  I read about what people around the world are doing with their horses, what they learned yesterday, or are going to do today.  It is interactive, so I can ask questions and make comments. And best of all, I get to tell my own stories and discuss my own issues with smart horsey people."

He still doesn't get it, but complains a little less. Also I think he might be jealous because he doesn't get his morning paper anymore. It would be pointless for him to read the local paper here, for some reason his favorite section was the obituary.  OH!  I just came up with the best idea.  I didn't get him anything for his birthday. I should buy him a subscription to "his" paper and have it mailed here. It would be late, but he would still get to read about his home and which of his friends have passed away.

The mornings are gorgeous here in AZ right now, and I hate the usually miss the sunrises now.  However I do love having time before I have to leave for work to spend with my herd.

I am looking into taking a course for thermal imaging for horses. I would become certified, but then would have to buy a very expensive camera so that I could work in that field.  I am still evaluating the effectiveness of it as a diagnostic tool.  However, my Equine chiro, does thermal imaging, and we discussed it a little and will discuss it more when she is here on Tues. One thing she told me is that although for initial diagnosis it only tells you where you need to xray or do and MRI, it is very helpful for follow up to see how the injured area is progressing.  Anyway, I'm still deciding what I want to do.   I really would like to find a way to work in a field that I love rather than one I tolerate but am good at.

On Thursday TC headed home with the semi truck and trailer.  It was the biggest thing parked at our place and was the main reason I lost so much of my arena.  So before he left I mentioned moving the fence back a little further in order to reclaim some of my space.  My goal is to have ALL of my arena back, but I have a feeling he isn't on the same page with me regarding that.  But my actual arena is 300 feet long at least so even if I lose 50 feet of it, I will still have a decent sized arena to ride in.

The shop (which is obscene in size-but adds a wonderful shaded area for me to tack up in) is almost done, which means the tack room can go back where it belongs.  The construction crew still has some stuff here, but a lot of it is gone now and vehicles are parked inside of the shop now which really opens up some space around the place.

Today I've got to get out there and get some weed control going, and trim a few trees back.  I still have not trimmed my roses since I moved in.  I keep saying I'm going to but they keep blooming, so I always end up leaving them alone. I noticed that a couple of the bushes are not blooming now though so I guess the time is ripe for trimming those back.

Sometime today I need to get at least 2 horses ridden, and I had really hoped to get over to the neighbors house with the cows, and do a little cow work.   Next weekend, I will be busy trying to super scrub my house for guests.  The guests are deathly allergic to cats and horses, so when ever they are coming I do all I can to make their stay less "allergy ruined".

Now it is time to head out and feed those ponies.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


  1. You have roses blooming? Pics please!
    I hope you can find a way to get work in the equine industry. Every horsewomans dream!

  2. Busy Busy!! Your arena is HUGE, I'd love to have a big ole space like that. Funny you mention Rose bushes, I was just at the plant nursery yesterday and almost picked a couple up but then I thought about the thorns and pruning...

    Having a job in the equine field would be awesome. After all the horse trimming stuff you're learning about you could probably do farrier work too :)

    1. My arena is approx 300x150. It used to have head and heel boxes and a chute, plus the catch pen at one end and the calf alley up to the chute. We have taken out the head and heel box, and chute. TC is kind of anti-roper, and refuses to let me have cows to learn on. He keeps wanting to take out the catch pen as well, but I won't let him. I use it every once in a while to catch my horses when they ae in the pasture and being buttheads. Plus it has shade so if the horses are out to pasture and it is really hot, I can leave the gate open to the pen and they have access to shade.

      If I could find a job as an apprentice for a good trimmer, I would jump on that in a heartbeat. Of course finding a "good trimmer" is subjective. I also have the option of boarding horses here, and in fact have two gals who are just waiting for the chance to board here. So that is an option too.

      My rose bushes were here when I moved in. When I first got here, they had nothing on them. Just when I was ready to trim them all back they took off and have been blooming like crazy ever since. Pruning and thorns have not really been an issue yet, but I know that won't last for ever.

  3. My in laws never wanted to go outside to see the horses whenever they visited us. I thought they just didn't like horses, but then they confessed that they got sick from hay allergies every time they came to visit. I can never stay at someone's house if they own cats. I tried it at my mother's house for years, but I'd blow my nose so much that I'd get blisters on my nose, and the headaches where blinding. Once her cat passed away, I visited her more regularly.

    I find reading horse blogs to be more helpful and interesting than reading the news too, especially since the news stories don't change much from one edition to the next. Other reasons too...

  4. Your morning routine sounds exactly like mine. Just a thought here, but why don't you set your hubby up with an inexpensive laptop so he can read any paper he want's to in the world? There are a few that you may need to pay a small subscription for, but almost every paper has gone digital, most of the info is free.. Even the obituaries...I am quite envious of the vast amount of space you have.

  5. I'm with you on the blogging. MUCH more interesting than the news and not nearly as depressing!

    Someone is getting shot, there's car accidents galore, crime, drama, blood and gore... And that's just the morning edition. Noon, 5 o'clock, 10 o'clock- just the names have changed, but it's all still the same. Throw in all of the political back and forth, nobody agrees and even if they do, they won't admit is because of party lines drawn in the sand and there you have it.

    If he reads your blog, then you blew the surprise of his gift for his birthday. Shhhh :-)

    My mom just mentioned trimming her rose bushes. They are just starting to bloom too. She said one of the things about trimming them is to trim them to the way you want them to grow. One of these days maybe we can run over there and you can see hers. She has about 20-30+ bushes bordering her front yard and porch. Absolutely gorgeous. You can also check out the peas, beets, tomato's and peppers... There's also the rose gardens at MCC. Lots to see there.