Friday, March 14, 2014

Some are Sicker Than Others...

I've been ill.

Nothing serious, just a flu like thing, but it has caused one of my lymphnodes to swell up at the back of my head.  Sort of makes it hard to do much when you can't really turn your head.  My neck is already all jacked up from that day I drove my pick up off a cliff.  (Another story, for another day) But I'm used to that, I live with it every day. This is different, it feels funny and I don't like it.

But real cowgirls never let a small thing like golf ball sized lumps slow them down so I am up and at 'em today, regardless.

I really needed to get my arena worked up again after the last rain we had, so since I was up early after sleeping all day yesterday I hooked up the arena master and got to work.

I am willing to admit that there is still a little bit of the trailer park gal in me.  I was still in my "lounge around the house" clothes.  My favorite "Boobies Rock" tank top, no bra, cut off's and flip flops.  No worries, its my yard I'll dress how I wanna.

I'm out there, bouncing (literally) along at cruising speed on my little John Deere, kicking up dust as I go, making sure that every single dirt clod has been annilated.  I have a lovely dirt tan, my teeth are full of dirt, and I hear a "HEY THERE!"

I look up and it is my new neighbors out working in their yard.

What could I do?

I smiled and waved, yelled hello back, and kept on bouncing away.

Thinking to myself....

"Welcome to the neighborhood."

Now I'm dressed and off to work the mare.  I have more to tell about her but will save it for the weekend I think.


  1. Have you had bloodwork done for the lymphnodes?

    Sounds like what I had when I had mono.

    Hope you feel better.

    1. No I haven't. I get this every once in a while, especially during allergy season, but I think I just had the flu yesterday because I had a low grade temp as well. sleeping made me feel better, I'm ok today, just a little foggy still.

  2. Hope you feel better. I'm with ya on wearing what ya want, when ya want as long as I'm hanging out around the house (no pun intended). I'm not there to impress anyone and if they don't like what they see- look the other way.

    Summer will be here soon enough and with the heat- nobody cares what you're wearing. It's just hot and we're all miserably in it together. I cover up to keep from getting sunburned, so no major worries here.