Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just for Fun

It seems like lately all my posts have been so serious.  No real fun, just work work work.

But life has not been all work and no fun.  Even within all the work I still manage to have fun.  Even my worst day includes a large amount of myself if nothing else.

I had already posted the pictures from our desert ride the other day, but I did not post everything from that day.

First there is This video  where in I sing a song to my horse.

I actually sing to him a lot, and we talk constantly.  When we were long trotting and doing our serp drills out there, I chanted with each step, telling him what we are doing, what a good boy he is, or telling him he "is" a hunter jumper.  You know...just goofy stuff.  He flicks his ear back and forth constantly. Listening to me, and watching for pumas....or ghost donkeys.

After our ride that day I had hosed him off and let him roll and took some pictures.  But since I didn't have time to really look at them, I did not post them. Especially since we have all seen a rolling horse before.

But today I looked at them.  I absolutely love the expressions on his face. So here they are.

It starts with the perfect spot

and then thoroughly digging in so as to
 maximize the use of your dirt

you must always remember good form

Make sure you get your sides even

don't forget your head and neck

Got to work extra hard to get your mane

get yourself into good position again

This is where crunches come in handy
to get the hollow spot below your withers

A good shake to rid yourself of the excess

Now that is how you do a proper dirt bath! 

I did not ride today, or even work anyone today.  Today I reclaimed 30 feet of my arena.  I gave up 15 or 20 so TC can have better access to his shop, which in turn gives me access to my round pen from both the tack room (where it will be when we are done) and from the arena.  I put my fence back up, made a make shift gate until we can move the good one, and got out there and started working the ground.  Ooh baby! It is sure hard where they were driving on it.  But with the added weight of a semi truck brake drum on my tractor attachment, I was digging right in to most spots.  A couple of spots will require water.

One of my potential riders will be out Saturday to test ride Killian, and tomorrow I may try to run over and push some cows around.  Sunday we are doing ground driving.  So lots going on this weekend.  


  1. nice to have a day to change up/catch up. Love the song you sang to Trax too!

  2. What a cute song...and btw...You have a nice singing voice.

    Oh and those dirt baths are sooo important to get juuusstttt right. Can't miss an inch you know. LOL.

  3. My mother used to sing that song, without the donkey warning. When I sing to my dogs, they act like they're in pain, so I don't sing to my horse.

  4. I laughed at the donkey warning in the song!
    Dirt baths are very important. Beamer would like Trax to know that he scored him a 10 on style, and challenges him to a snow bath- style is very important with snow baths as one must make sure to leave a snow angel of dirt in the perfect shape of a horse !

  5. It's always nice to have a "fun" day with the horses. A chance to remember why we enjoy them so much without any worry!

  6. My herd isn't always sporting a shiny, clean coat all of the time either. They may be dirty ponies, but they are Happy ponies. That's what counts! Love the tutorial from Trax. He did good.

  7. Cute song! You do have a nice voice. Trax has such style when he rolls! Nice to hear and see you are getting some relaxed rides on Trax. I enjoy reading your blog.