Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Friends

No need for words today. The pictures say it all. 


  1. Looks like everyone is at peace. That's awesome!

  2. If Trax is that easy-going with all horses, I may need to borrow him. A peaceful civilian like himself is invaluable as a baby-sitter.

    Gee, Melody is a good-sized mare isn't she?

  3. You got the horse?!! That's awesome :)

    1. Guess I missed a post--all caught up now. Happy for you!!

  4. That's a relief. I'm glad you won't have to go through months of horses fighting like I did with Rock. I swear I was dressing wounds literally every day for months after I started integrating him into the herd. And I still have to do that from time to time when Rock challenges someone or is just in an ornery mood. I was just cleaning up a leg wound on Bombay yesterday. Now I'm dealing with the dogs fighting after my husband brought that stray puppy home. Fun fun fun.

  5. Trax is the peace keeper of my bunch. I am sure if I turned them all out together there would be some attitudes and hooves flying. As it is, right now, Mellypalouza is pacing up and down the fence because her and Trax are separated. Even though I moved everyone around so they are next to each other, she is afraid that she will lose her onliest friend. Trax is busy having a snack. She did finally get him to come over to the fence then she pinned her ears at him as if to say, "You have to stay by me!"

    Trax's response, "Gotta go."

    I did see them later making up at the fence but the minute he went back to his hay she started pacing again. That's okay though, the exercise will be get for her stiff shoulder. She isn't lame on that shoulder that she hit, but she does seem to be a little sore on it.