Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not Much to Talk About and A Super Cool Story About Real Life in the Old West

While things at my house have been quite hectic, it isn't anything blog worthy unless you include the fact that I have been cleaning out the tack shed and putting everything for sale that isn't being used. That includes my fancy Circle Y Breast collar and head stall, 3 saddles, and then the roping shoot, head and heel box which came with our property. (no those were not in the tack shed)  I have already sold the roping stuff, they will pick it up in the morning.  And then there is someone coming to look at 2 of the saddles as well. For some reason TC decided to sell his saddle and buy a different one.  His stuff, he can do what he wants. It was the first one to get asked about.

Also put one of his old flatbed pick ups for sale.  Not many bites on that yet, but I just put it up today.

I still do not have money to buy Miss Melody, although we are still working on brokering a deal, keeping my fingers crossed!

I did ride Trax yesterday, and tried hard to remember that if I can laugh at Killian I can also laugh at Trax.  Although he did pretty well, so there was no laughing needed.  He kind of lost it when I reached back and touched his butt with my hand, but we got through it, and he is okay now.

I do always laugh at him when he gets hosed down.  He used to hate it, now he loves it, and even likes to drink out of the hose.  Silly horse.  I love him most of all!  People keep asking why I keep him after all the crap we have been through.  My answer is always the same....because he is mine.

I have been in touch with a gal I know here who does endurance and ACTHA, who is willing to do some conditioning rides with me, and will keep me posted on any clinics coming up. Pretty excited about that.  Every time I ride my horse I become more and more convinced that it is his calling.  He is a long trotting fool!

In other news, completely unrelated, I'm going to urge everyone to click on the link below and go read this blog.  It is not so much about horses as it is about real life in the Superstition Mountains, back in the day.  One of my favorite AZ historians is Tom Kollenborn.  He writes about his life and experiences growing up in Apache Junction as a child. He still is the go to guy if you want to know anything about the area.  I love his blog, follow his facebook page, and used to read his newspaper column as a kid.

Here is his story.

Saturday is our Trim clinic and I am oh so excited about that as well!


  1. Um....I swear I know how to spell chute! LOL

  2. Thanks for the link, interesting stuff.
    Good to know that you are coming to terms with Trax, and are finding a way for you and him to enjoy life together. I love long trotting, its my favorite gait, and really good for conditioning.

    1. I will be honest, I have tried to imagine myself selling him, but I can't. There is something in the way he looks at me, we have a connection. I am his person. You would have to be present to see how he is when strangers are around to full grasp how important I am to him as well. He has been known to hide behind me when he is unsure of what a stranger wants from him. When I ride him I am so comfortable, it just feels natural to me, more so than any other horse ever has. Even with all his quirks and fears and things that we have been through, I love riding this horse more than anything. I love all my horses, but don't necessarily enjoy riding them all. I wish I could find the words that really describe what it is between us. Maybe someday I will do a blog post on just that. The connection.

  3. Hope you are able to get Miss Melody, and nice that you and Trax are working out better now too . And that connection you speak of is a wonderful feeling isn't it ?

  4. I understand the connection. None of us are perfect but sometimes the quirks just fit together. :) Maybe the ACTHA is the right idea for Trax. I think it is good if we can find the thing that horse likes to do and do it, rather than trying to fit every horse into the mould of what we like to do best. Working with a happy partner outweighs my own ambitions, both with my horses and dogs, because in the end I am in it for the fun and connection and that comes best with a partner who is also into what you are doing. Gosh you should have seen my nieces at pony club camp yesterday! Both their ponies love to jump and you can see their little pony faces light up when they get to do it. They are great ponies and do everything that is asked of them, but jumping is their thing for sure! Thanks for the link, I really enjoyed it!

  5. The connection or maybe bond is a better word for it, can run pretty deep when you find 'your horse'. I have been fortunate in having had that with several over the years. Each one is and was special in their own way. A girl and her horse(s) - its a beautiful thing