Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Work was really slow last night, and I ended up watching some more videos at the very end of the night.

There was one in particular that I watched several times over.

This is my former trainer Mark on our second or third lesson.

I really want to ride my horse (any horse) this nicely.  His hands are quiet even when he is using them.  He brings out the best in my horse.

I watch video's of horses for sale, and wish I could ride like those people.



  1. you know what you want and wit all the try you have and the great supports out there you will get there. One secret I do know to quiet hands is . a solid confident seat and good use of leg. With those the hands will quiet a lot on their own

  2. The ground work in the long lines will help with this too. Remember I kept telling you to drop your hands? You would be surprised how much and how many of our bad habits carry over from the ground to the saddle and in my case- saddle to cart.

    I am finding I can fix one problem by doing the other and vis-versa. Driving to fix the riding, riding to fix the driving and if ALL else fails, back up and stay on the ground, letting the horse sort it out for themselves first without my body and legs getting in the way for both of us.... *sigh*