Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A good day to NOT go to Cheyenne

Today was supposed to be the day that Sassy went back for her ELPO Farriers appt, and Killian was going for his first appt.
Sassy has lost one of her clogs, and I have been searching for it for a week now. Of course it is the color of dirt, so it doesn't really stand out in the field.  I really need to find it so he can see how she is "wearing".  I don't think I will be finding it for a few days, at least.

Our trip was canceled.  This is why

Out my front door

Heading out to feed

Da boys' next door, not happy this morning

"Lady, please don't take my picture while I am eating, Zoe will think I am a pig
and then she won't think I am handsome anymore. "

The abominable snow pony

Poor Killian has the only stall that still fills up with snow, he was shivering this morning.  :(

Coal Creek Speedway was slowed down to about 20mph

This is the Glenrock Highway that was just plowed
I am perfectly happy to not be hauling 2 horses in this weather.  In fact they just closed the Interstate between here and there.

Yesterday I drove my Jeep to work because it was clear, but by time I got off work it was snowing pretty good and I had to go to the bank which is on the other side of town. Talk about scary!!!!!  Even in 4WD my jeep sucks on icy roads, it is great in mud and dirt and deep snow over dirt, but that doesn't do me much good when going to the bank, or to the store.   What I realized yesterday is that I bought that jeep in the midst of some sort of mid-life crisis.  This week it is going up for sale. I need a vehicle that is dependable and safe in any weather, since you never know what the weather is going to be like from on minute to the next.  Besides that, it only gets 11 mpg. That is ridiculous! Sending it to the sale barn.  LOL

Anyway, the good side of all this snow (we are supposed to have it all week long) is that we just seeded one of our pastures and the front yard, and we need moisture.  The down side is that it puts a damper on my riding.  Also we are supposed to go camping with TC's Daughter and her family.  I'm thinking that will get canceled too...well postponed anyway.


  1. What a bummer!!!

    Which clog did Sassy lose? How has she looked since she lost it?

    1. She lost the right. The one she needs the most, although she started limping about a week before she lost it, so I don't know what was going on. I am waiting on a call from the farrier to see if I need to pull the other since it is going to be another full week before we see him.

  2. Oh how I hope that doesn't come this way. You need the moisture much more than we do so you should just go right ahead and keep all of that:).