Thursday, April 11, 2013

Perhaps a Name Change is in Order

We did not give Smarty Pants his name. 
He came to us with that name. 
It is his registered name. 

 "Hyspire Mainland Smarty Pants"

Since he was 2 years old when we got him and already answered to Smarty, we did not change his name. 
He seems to learn quickly so we thought the name fit. 

Perhaps we were mistaken. 

"Mom....I seem to have a little problem here."

Simon came up with a great idea of using a stick of butter to grease the posts
making it easier to slide his head out.
"Oh look, snacks!  Maybe this isn't so bad after all"

I told Simon to put the butter away.  
"Aw Mom, I thought the butter was a great idea! I could slide out and then  clean the posts for you too!"

I tried hard to turn his head this way and that way, so it would go out, but couldn't get it.
I tried sliding one ear through at a time, but that did not work.
I tried a treat behind him thinking that he would find a way out to get to the treat.
Instead he took the entire table with him
Its a big table made of solid oak- seats 8

(You will have to take my word for this part- I had to put the camera down)

TC got his little cordless screwdriver and started to disassemble the table.
Apparently to Smarty Pants the sound of a cordless drill is exactly the 
same as the sound of the dreaded Dremel.
The Dremel is what we use to file their toenails down. 
As a general rule, the sound of the Dremel is enough to scatter three big dogs
and have them cowering in opposite corners of the room. 

(I swear I have never once hurt, abused, or maimed a dog with a Dremel tool)

The minute TC hit the power button on the screwdriver
Smarty went into flight mode
braced his two front legs against the posts
twisted and pulled as hard as he could
and POP out he came!
He then made a beeline for the basement
and hid in Simon's room under the blankets. 

You just never know what a dogs true motivation is until he gets his head stuck in a table. 
Perhaps the next time he takes off with a slipper I should just grab the Dremel. 


  1. Keep the name, the Irony is brilliant

  2. Lol we have a "smarty" here too......she got stuck trying to get a gopher out from under the buggy shed and we had to dig her out. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Laughing at my desk, haha! My dog is terrified of the dremel too - it's a monster!

  4. :) Oh my gosh, that is just hilarious!!! Poor, sweet, goober-head Smarty Pants!! LOVE IT!!! Don't even ask what he might come up with next...

  5. Haha that is too funny! Guess the screwdriver worked, without even doing anything.

  6. Okay, I was drinking... just had to pause and wipe my keyboard off. Too funny. And such a pretty face, too!

  7. That is a hilarious story!!! My poor Cindy Sue goes into a panic over the devil machines (the vacuum and the lawn mower). The name Smarty Pants does seem to fit ;~)