Monday, April 15, 2013

A little Depressed.

I am not one usually prone to bouts of depression, but today it has taken me over.
We are on day...what, like 150...okay so maybe only 10 or 12...of gray skies and crappy weather.  Also known as MORE SNOW!

I did see the sun yesterday, but it came with strong winds, and a pretty good chill which totally ruins it for me when it comes to doing anything.

I did get some pretty good housework done yesterday...oooh good times, good times!  I vacuumed and mopped and even dusted!  Actually got the kitchen table cleaned off, took two leaves out and stashed the extra chairs in the Harry Potter room (under the stairs).  A table that seats 8 in a house of 3 people, tends to be more of a catch all than anything else.

Have not had any horse time since our last lesson. I was going to go out and do some brushing this weekend.   Didn't make it long because my fingers were frozen in about 3 minutes.  Besides, I don't want my ponies to be cold, so I try to leave as many hairs as I can on them.

We have another foot of snow predicted in the next 2-3 days.  (heavy sigh)

I know, I know moisture is good, we must have it to grow yummy grasses for our ponies, but seriously rain would be better.

So today I woke up to a dismal gray sky, and am just in a funk.  I would like to be in my favorite recliner, with my Kindle, and a cup of hot cocoa with some Bailey's in it.  A sure sign that I am depressed.

I wonder if they would notice if I put Bailey's in my coffee here at work....probably better not risk it.

I was going to try to sell my Jeep this weekend. Got some pictures taken and was writing the ad for craigslist. Then vanity took over and I deleted the ad.  Something about the mental image of riding around in Arizona with the top off (the jeeps, not mine) and how "cool" I would be....yeah I know, silly huh!  Guess I'm not quite over that mid-life crisis yet.

Guess I'd better get caught up on my filing.  ugh


  1. Sorry you're feeling blue :/ I can certainly relate, but it will get better!

  2. I feel like that for about 8 months out of the year. My whole outdoors life just stops. Seriously. We don't get the cold, cold snowy temps, but we get never ending rain. Lots and lots of rain. And I don't have an indoor/covered arena, nor access to one. And the mud, foot deep mud. Oh I could go on and on. So I totally understand! I get maybe 3 months of good riding and then I am done for the year. I don't do well in cold and wet weather.
    I hope it warms up for you so you can get back to the horses!