Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Got Sumthin! No It Isn't Contagious

I just got an email with some pictures of the new place now that it is vacant and all ours. 
My kids do not live far from here so they will be going there everyday, to check on things and to water the grass.  Plus our contractor will be there alot during the days working on TC's Shop. 

Shall we ooh and aah a little? 

Kitchen, living room, dining area, and you can see
the walk in pantry
This is a den of sorts- they were sports fans.
This may end up being Simons room
Or it might be a den
Or a game room
But that paint has got to go!

Living room area and front door

doo doo doo looking out my back door


Bar and breakfast "nook"
Love those counter tops

Spare room or Simons  (tee hee)
That paint has got to go too!
I don't do girly

Master bedroom
Kind of blah right now, but some nice colors
will make it better

Master Bath custom shower

Looking into the back yard
Ignore the paint colors please.
We are either going to paint the outside or
put on new siding. 

Nice front porch and fence around the front yard
as well as the back.
Can't wait to sit out there with my coffee in the mornings

Big big horse pens (3 total this size)
Ponies are gonna love it

View of tack and wash area
That green stuff is the irrigated pasture.
Ponies are really gonna love that! 

To the left is where TC's shop will go

Cattle run- not sure what we are going to do with this
Maybe get a cow?
(or 2)

The "chute" into the arena

Close up of the tack and wash area
(claps hands and jumps around)
"Iv'e got a tack room!"

Did you know that these are rubber mats?

I can't wait to do some riding in this puppy!
I keep asking myself
"Is it really that big or is the picture deceiving?"
I think it is big enough to set up my trail course in one end
and do my reining practice in the other. 

Back of the house.  I wonder if I can teach my dogs
to only go potty in the sand pit?
(yeah right)

smaller horse pens- 3 of these also

Bigger horse pens again.
The stuff behind is the neighbors.
More on that later. 

Tack and wash area, plus the other container is just storage.

The driveway circles all the way through the back
and then a smaller circle drive in the front too.
I love the trees
OMG, I am in love all over again!

The house itself is smaller than what we live in now, but I am totally cool with that. Before too long it will just be TC and I anyway, plus less house means less house work!    I am so darn excited, just got to find me a job down there now. There are lots of Office Manager, or admin assist positions listed, but truthfully I'd rather find something that does not have me stuck behind a desk all day, or even worse, in front of a computer.  It is bad on my neck, and my eyes, and seriously bad on my butt! Not sure what I am looking for, but I will find something. I guess I need to sit down and put together a resume'.  I haven't done it in a long time, a little rusty. 

I am not looking forward to the actual packing and moving part, but a lot of stuff will get sold or donated.  TC has a lot of very heavy oak furniture, we have both decided it is time to get rid of it. It practically kills us to move it, and there is no sentimental value to it, so no sense in keeping it.  So a big yard sale is in order, only keeping the antiques, and the personal stuff, and of course my kitchen stuff.

The hardest part I think will be moving all the vehicles.  I have decided to sell my jeep to aide in the moving funds, plus it is one less thing with four wheels to move. Of course I will keep my pick up, can't have horses and not have a pick up. Luckily TC still has his shop up here where he can keep stuff until he is ready to bring it down.  Even with a semi, it is going to take a couple of loads between horses, hay cubes,  household and vehicles...and I am going to have to get a CDL so that we are both legal to drive the big rig.

Wheww! I just realized that it is time to get busy so we aren't trying to do everything at the last minute.
Lots to do! 


  1. Wow! Its beautiful!

    And seriously, that arena looks HUGE.

    When are you guys planning on moving? Bet this morning in the 12 degree weather, you couldn't wait for arizona, huh ? (P.s. it was 85 degrees here yesterday....hahaha)

    1. Not till Simon is out of school and I don't want to go till I have my go at the Ranch Horse Competition at the end of June. Simon gets out the end of May. I suspect TC is going to start dragging stuff down in June.

      Okay so it isn't just me that thinks it looks huge! lol

  2. I daren't show human your pics she will be so jealous. What a lovely place along with the stunning scenery. Quite delightful.

  3. Nope, that arena looks huge!! The entire place looks really nice. Congratulations! :)

  4. Wow you are so lucky!!!! Wow sure looks like lots of riding in that giant arena and irrigated grass, the ponies will love that! Expect a visitor next winter, lol :)

  5. I don't know how I missed this post. Your new place is beautiful! I must admit I am a bit jealous. Can't wait to see pics of your horses running around there.

    1. I'll be honest, I can't wait to take pictures of them running around there! I swear I am down right giddy with excitement.

      You know whats funny is that too look at it, you can't even tell that it is a 1984 double wide mobile. The previous owners really did an amazing job remodeling the inside.

  6. I love those counter tops and the custom shower. One thing I really love about the houses in Arizona is that almost all of them have covered porches -- something I've never had before. Outdoor space is so important. Great arena.