Monday, April 8, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday Ride

Hello Nice Ladies of the world who have big hearts for their ponies (and Donkeys too)  Trax here again to tell you a little story about our ride yesterday.  My Lady was not feeling good for a few days, she said she had something called a bladder infection. I do not know what that is, but she did not look good for 2 days and moved really slow, so I am glad she rested till she felt better.  Yesterday the air was moving really fast all over, so I did not think she would want to ride, but at the last minute she changed her mind and took me to the trailer to get dressed. 

I stand like a good boy at the trailer, even without a halter.

When we started to go I was a good good boy, because I knew she wasn't feeling that great, and I walked on a lose rein, and did not try to run away.  This is a picture of me walking past the pasture that is trying to grow.

Here is a video Of how good I was being. The little black thing that is following us is named Jr. Mint. Jr. Mint was just visiting for the weekend.   She is a herding dog and kept biting my heels so eventually I pooped on her head! (hee hee)  You can hear how fast the wind is moving in the video.

This is a picture of me, still walking on a loose rein. The road next to us is called Coal Creek Speedway, and all the humans in their cars and trucks drive really fast!  We have lots of room not to get too close though so it is ok.

As we were riding next to the speedway we saw a herd of Deer.  (she only got 2 in the picture but there was about 10)
I said, "Hey lady look, its Sassy's friends."
Jr Mint said "Oh Deer! I will chase them."
The Deer yelled, "WOLF!'  And started to run fast.
I yelled, "Lady they say there is a wolf!" And I started to run with the dear
The lady stopped me, and then I realized that they thought Jr. Mint was the wolf. She chased them across the speedway, while my lady yelled for her to come back.  When she started to come back my lady saw cars coming and yelled at her to stop, but she kept coming anyway. For a little dog she is really fast cuz she beat those cars by a long shot.  My lady was scared for her though, and told her to stay with us from now on.

When we turned onto the dirt road I saw this herd of horses and mules. Mules are the ones that wear the gladiator costumes that scare me sometimes. But these mules were not wearing them. They wanted me to come say hi, but my lady said I cannot touch noses with ponies I do not know.

Here we are walking down the road and Jr. Mint is off in front of us. Usually we ride on the side of the road but for a minute where the ground was full of holes we moved to the road. She says it is safer.   We trotted and cantered, but I was always good and did not try to run away.  One time she said I could go fast, so I did. I started to go faster and faster, but finally she said I had to slow down because of rodent holes.  I did slow down like a good pony when she asked. I love to go fast, I fly like the wind!   She says I am like a famous horse named Hildago, who was a great racing mustang. She said he won many long distance races and they even made a movie about him.  I think I would like to run a long race someday.

This is a video of me cantering real nice for my lady.

Then my lady took lots of pictures.  This is our trotting shadow. 

This is proof that I was walking nicely on a loose rein

This is me giving a little flex to the left while walking

This is our loose rein shadow

This is me being very handsome for her. 

This is the big mountain by where we live and the storm clouds were coming

Here is is again, but different

As we were coming home we saw the Nice man who sometimes bring me food. He was in his pick up.  She asked him to set up the rope gate for her so we could practice. 

When we got home we went to the rope gate and practiced opening and closing it. She still confuses me sometimes, but when she remembers to ask clearly, then I understand. When I understand I do. A couple of times the air blew the rope against me, and I was a little jumpy but then she petted me with the rope and promised me that she would never hurt me, so I relaxed.  Then we closed the gate. She said I did really good and then let me get undressed. She also brought me my favorite candies called "Nicker Makers". I sure do love those candies. 

Best of all, she took me to the yard where to dogs live, and let me go in with Danny and graze on the yummy grasses.  I sure do love yummy grasses! 


  1. Yay!!! Looks like such a nice ride! I love how fast he walks, pony does the same thing. It was intimidating at first, but finally I realized thats just a normal comfortable pace for her!

    I bet trax would be awesome at endurance! You should do some with him!

    1. I think once we get moved I will look into it. But for now, I have enough to worry about! LOL

  2. Sounds like it was a great ride Cindy! What a good horse your Trax is. Such wide, open country where you live! Pretty! Hope you're feeling better now.

  3. What a fab ride you had. I love your plaits. Where you live looks a wonderful place to take your human out. I hope your human felt a bit better after you had taken such good care of her.

  4. Sounds like a fantastic ride!! So happy you had a great time, minus the doggie scare. I can't wait to hit the trails again... only a couple more weeks!!

  5. Thanks everyone, I am feeling better, and it was nice to not do anything but just point his nose and go.

    The pictures are deceiving. It looks like there is a lot of wide open land to ride on, but it is all fenced and private property. Most people get upset when you ride through, even if you are respectful and make sure gates are closed and don't leave behind any trash. Even the BLM, and State Trust land is mostly leased to cattle ranchers and they will actually chain and lock the gates shut to keep the general public out. I hate to say this but I suspect that the quad riders and tv shooters are the ones who have ruined it for the rest of us.