Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just Dance

My boss came in about 3pm yesterday and gave us all the ok to leave early if we desired.  The snow was falling consistently, and the wind was blowing along with it, but I really didn't see too much accumulation out my office window.  I was driving TC's Denali which is probably the best vehicle I have ever driven in snow and ice conditions, so I opted to stay for a while.

TC called me about 3:45 and said the ponies were wet and shivering, and wanted to know which horse got which blankets. So then I opted to go home and help. Not that I don't think he is capable, but I knew at least one horse in particular was going to avoid being blanketed no matter how cold he was.

Roads weren't great but I have seen worse for sure.

When I got home, he was already out there, and had Danny and Killian done. Being the old guys, it was most important for them to be warm. He said that Danny was more than happy to have his blanket, and Killian didn't seem to mind either.

Sassy must have been pretty cold too, because she didn't move a muscle when I went to catch her. She stood quietly for her blanket, but then she pretty much always has, so I wasn't surprised.

Then it was Trax's turn.  When he saw blankets coming out he started tearing around the pasture. He would run in to his pen, but then if he saw one of us coming he would tear back out again. When I was done with Sassy, he was standing on the far side of the pasture next to the old pens that we no longer use.

I thought to myself, "What the heck, I'll try calling him"  I whistled and called his name. Much to my surprise he came racing too me as I stood next to his pen, but at the last minute made a hard left and took off again. Silly boy.  I went to the barn scooped enough strategy for four horses and started doling it out without giving him a second thought.  Pretty soon I heard hoof beats (fast ones of course).

TC says, "Quick shut the gate"

I had a bucket full of yummy grains.  I knew he wasn't going to leave again and he didn't.  Once he was locked in he was all for that blanket, as long as it came with food.

It snowed all night.  The wind gave us some pretty good drifts, but not unmanageable.

This morning TC left for Sheridan. He took the Denali for safety which left me with his Dodge PU.  I would have preferred my own but it is hooked to the trailer still and I just didn't feel like messing with it.

I turned the news on to check for road closures for him. His route was open although with severe advisories.  He just texted me and said he made it without incident. (whew)  The schools are closed to day which kind of surprised me. I have seen them stay open in much worse weather, but I guess last week when we got dumped on, they did not close the schools and several parents complained.

As I was getting ready I was half way listening to the news, and found myself a little bit pissed off at the  media. Every time there is a tragic event, they report on it from every angle for hours and hours on end.  Now don't get me wrong, this thing in Boston was terrible and my heart goes out to those families of the victims, and to the folks who were injured as well.  But I hate what the media is doing. They are reinforcing this negative behavior by talking of nothing else. It is like every single reporter out there, needs to find a way to get into the picture, so they look for a new spin on the story.   The one that finally made me shut it off, was when they started reporting about how law enforcement agencies are getting hundreds of calls from civilians who are "seeing" bombs every where.  Police and National Guard are out in droves because the world is terrified.  Well the world is terrified because the media is creating a feeding frenzy of fear and the person (or people) who planted those bombs are LOVING IT!  

So far the bomb squads have defused a hair dryer, a discarded box of wiring in a trash can, a back pack with a jacket and some books. They evacuated and airport, a library, and oh crap now I can't recall what the other place was, but it was a lot of people.  This is going on all over the country.  Meanwhile some new sicko is watching all this on TV and thinking to himself, "Man this is soooo cool!  I wanna create havoc like this too." And starts planning his own horrific event.


So here is what I am doing to make a stand.  I am not going to watch news channels that sensationalize events like this.  So I guess that means I won't be watching any news.  I will not be doing any on line research about this event or commenting on any on line forums about what they should do to these people, about how this does or does not solidify the need for gun control, or anything else. Instead I am going to blog. I will blog about my horses, my dogs (which had me awake since 3 am) and my family. I will read other blogs about other peoples animals and their lives.  I am going to go on living.  I may be putting my own beliefs into the heads of the victims, but I think that the victims of this event and of others, would want the world to go on living.  I know if I was a victim of something like this, I would want my family and friends to go on with their lives and not live in fear. Most of all I would not want my death sensationalized across the news media. I would not want the perpetrator to gain even once ounce of satisfaction from my death.   But that is just me.

As I was driving to work I had the Ipod plugged in and set on random. I live close to work so I only get to listen to 2 songs on the trip.  I was pretty happy with God's choice of music this morning.

One line in particular stood out to me.

"Well it might be me, but the way I see it, the whole wide world has gone craaayaaazeee, So baby why don't we just dance.'

So with that in mind the song for today is.

Why Don't We Just Dance



  1. I saw an article yesterday that was like 15 good people in the aftermath of the Boston bombings. It made me so happy to see pictures of people helping and to have that focused on instead of the sheer fact that it happened. Maybe if we all focused more on the good stuff, people wouldn't think that they are able to do bad stuff to get noticed.

    1. Well that is good that at least some one is focusing on the good stuff.


  3. brrr that looks cold. Grass doesn't grow when it's that cold. Bring on the spring weather and the grass

    1. No it does not, frustrating for me and the ponies

  4. Everybody east of the Sierras is having such a rough "spring"!

    You'll like this: PSA: Ignore the News. Media focuses on the horrible to keep you coming back for more. Opting out is a good move. :)

    1. Thanks, I will check it out when I have a minute

  5. that looks cold! i agree with what your saying about Boston I think it's harder for the families because of the amount of medie coverage, i do think it's an awful thing, but it's giving other psycho's ideas that they can get away with it! my heart goes out to the families

  6. Why is it still snowing?! I hope spring comes for you soon!

    I have to mentally check out of the news a lot too... especially when they first start reporting. They really don't have any facts and the details are so sketchy, yet they just speculate and ramble on and on. I'm praying for the families and I'm praying they catch this guy soon.

  7. Snow there too so sorry, it sucks. I agree with you about the media. I will not watch the news. As for the disaster in Boston, and now the explosion in Waco. I will pray for the fallen, and for comfort for those left behind. Also celebrate the heroes and those who came to help

  8. Completely agree with you about the media and Boston. It's a tragic event, and it's awful... but we don't need to keep glorifying these things through endless coverage.