Friday, July 12, 2013

Random 5 Friday

It's that time again and if anyone wants to participate, jump on over to Nancy's blog "A Rural Journal" and join in.  It really is quite a bit of fun, and there are a whole list of other blogs who are doing it too.

*psst come on, everyone's doing it...just try it, you'll dig it, I swear*

1. My favorite color is green.  No matter where I live there is always at least one room in my house with green walls. When I started my current-but-almost-over job, I insisted that they pain my office green. Everyone else has off white.  This way it is always summer time in my office. (I'm gonna miss my little office)

2. (This one comes as an after thought of my comment on fracking from Nancy's 5)
TC is the absolute love of my life. One of things I love most about him is that he is a man of his convictions. He owns one of the larger gravel hauling companies in the state of WY.   While everyone else in the state us running around kissing the asses of the oil and gas companies, he does not.  He will not haul gravel for them, he will not "hot shot" for them.  Against his better judgement, he tried working for them one time, but it did not go well. They made the mistake of trying to tell him how he was going to manage his trucks and his drivers.  Huge mistake!  He finished the job for them, collected his money and then shut the door on them.  They are constantly calling trying to get trucks from him. He refuses.  His company has built almost all the roads for all the wind farms in WY. (He loves wind farms), he hauls road base and hot asphalt for the hwy construction and repairs going on around the state. He says there is plenty of other work to do without giving in to those @#$%##%#@$@#$.   He does not like oil and gas companies, he does not like how they totally screw over all the "mom and pop" companies that haul for them,(by running them 24/7 until they drop and then making them wait 3-6 months for payment) and he will not help them tear up and ruin the state where he was born and raised.   I love that. (ok so I realize that fact wasn't so much about me)

TC changing a tire on one of his trucks.
Am I the only one who thinks this is sexy?

3. My maternal grandparents were awesome.  We called them Beau-coup and Granny.  Beau-coup played the guitar and was quite good. He was a "picker", who did not really focus on chords but on picking out the melodies. My Granny played the ukulele and I recall that when he would sit down and play pretty soon she'd grab her little ukulele and come join in, and she would sing with him. It was so cool, and I think it is one of the reasons I enjoy Jalan Crossland  so much, because he is a picker too. There is nothing I love more than listening to a well played guitar.

Beau-coup and Granny

4.  I managed not to come to work today smelling of fly spray and horse poop...of course I had to be 15 minutes late to make it happen.

5. My horses are getting fat, my dogs are already fat, I'm pretty fat myself.  I suspect there might be a connection, but can't prove it for sure!  LOL

Look at the ass on that mare!


  1. I'm about purple and blue--especially a purplish-blue--like you are about green.

    I admire your husband's convictions. Good for him!

    Your grandparents sound great! What wonderful memories to have.

  2. Wow! You sure have an awesome husband! I'd be proud of him too. :)

    My favorite colors are pink and yellow. None of the walls in our house are painted those colors though. Lol. Hubby wouldn't like either one!

  3. How cool, I also have a green room in our house, well actually 2 cause I bought way too much paint, lol. But my favorite room is the spare room painted sunshine yellow

  4. I know that TC and I would have much to talk about. Men like that are hard to find these days.

    I'm more of a neutral color person when it comes to the house -- and we really need to do some painting, but I hate to paint.

    I need to start a new eating routine stat -- thinking more fresh fruits and veggies, etc... this mare has a pretty wide ass these days as well. :)

  5. Ha! My horses are so fat too.

    Green is my oldest's favorite color too.

  6. #2 is very much about you...what you love is what you are! The fact that you love someone who stands by their convictions tells me that you do the same.
    I doubt there is a connection between the fat horses and dogs and your weight...even though, now that I think about dogs are fat, and so am I. hmmmm.....

    I would say an extra fifteen minutes allotted to grooming each day would be wise. :) I think your Beau-coup and Granny would approve of that, too. Such nice memories of them! Enjoyed your random 5.

  7. green is a gorgeous color. so warming to me. ( :

  8. Good for TC. My area is in the middle of a huge fracking debate. If the state allows it, they want to put a well about 1000 feet from my house. We're working hard to stop it, but I fear it is only a matter of time. Greed always seems to win out in the end.