Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random 5 Friday

I'm a little ahead of myself but will be driving super fast on Friday, to get back to WY and pick up ponies,  so here we go!
Linking up to Nancy @ A Rural Journal   some good stuff going on over there...go check it out.

1.  I have redefined the word sexy...but will do a whole post on that later.

2. The scariest part of driving from WY to AZ is going through the Navajo Indian Reservation at night.  They let their ponies run loose EVERYWHERE!  In town, out of town and after dark they seem to like to congregate on the edge of the highways.  I almost hit more than one.  Seriously freaked me out.

3. The cell service inside our new house is awful...I think that might be a good thing!

4. Holy moly! My son said he missed me!

5. I purchased an audio book from  It is called Healing Shine, by Michael Johnson.  OMG! probably one of the best books I have ever heard in my life.  It is a spiritual journey of a man and a horse, and how this horse teaches him to "listen" and "ask", while he is attempting to teach the horse to rope.  I strongly urge everyone to go and buy the book now.  I think the audio version is a touch better simply because it is read by the author which gives it a whole extra level of intensity.

Until next time folks!


  1. Oh, my, be careful driving. That sounds scary to drive where there are loose ponies.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I love books about the connections between humans and animals.

  2. Opps. Being missed is (the) sweetest. Now I'm done.

  3. Oh I love Micheal Johnson, I could listen to him talk forever! Cell service in our house is awful too, we get caught up between 3 different towers and they must irritate each other cause its not good. Texting is way better than phoning cause no getting cut off.

  4. If you have Sprint- that explains it. They have 1 tower out here and service is total crap at best. Go with either AT&T or Verizon if you want anything that works. Seriously.

    Being patient and asking. I have a mare named Patience. Never have liked the word as a name and many people have said it just does NOT fit her. Strangest thing is, she is reminding me I have some and SHE is in serious need of patience of her own. How ironic is that?

    Not a fan of loose livestock near any kind of roads. Just too dangerous for everyone.

  5. There's nothing better in the world than hearing your kid say they miss you!