Monday, July 8, 2013

The joys of moving

Well our almost-a-three-day-weekend has finally ended. Naturally I did not spend much time celebrating Independence Day, I sorted and packed stuff. Loaded big stuff onto the semi, tried to figure out what goes and what gets gone.

Sunday TC started to help with the sorting. Its only right, after all it is his stuff too.  So far when I have come to an area of "his stuff" I box it all and put it in the keep pile. It is not my place to decide what he wants and doesn't want.  But as we were cleaning out our bedroom he started sorting. For TC it is more like going through every single picture and piece of paper. Pretty soon I had to crack the whip.  This is no time for reminiscing. Its a picture, so you keep it, if it is an old receipt from 10 years ago...the warranty is gone, throw it away.  Some of this stuff has been boxed up so long, he forgot he had it.  That's fine, he can reminisce when he unpacks it. (I hopefully will be working)

When we first started planning this move, he said, "We will not take much furniture expect for the beds and the antique stuff we can't replace."

Then it changed to, "If we don't take it, we will have to spend a bunch of money to buy more."

After 2 days of loading a few things, "Use it all for firewood, we will buy stuff down there."

We gave away our bedroom set (except our super awesome bed)

We are giving away the worlds heaviest entertainment center.

We gave the couches to my son who has none. Although we did get some different ones from my neighbor (I don't understand it either)

I have gotten all of the nick nacks packed, and most of the kitchen stuff, all of our bedroom stuff (living out of suitcases now) but it still seems like there is so much to do.  I've got till the 15th to have it all done. I have 7 days.  I have to work 6 of those 7 days.  Oh this sucks!

On the Ewwwwww side of it all.  When we removed the bedroom set it exposed an underworld of dog hair and grossness that I probably knew existed, but managed to ignore until now.  The dogs like to sleep in our room. I try to put beds down, but they always want to sleep right next to TC's side of the bed. I tried to put the bed there, but he kept tripping on it in the middle of the night, so the dogs ended up sleeping on the carpet.

Our headboard connected to side drawers which completely covered the carpet in the corner.

The carpet under that furniture is a lovely shade of white.

Where the dogs have been sleeping...Oh My that is anything but white!  I don't know that I will ever get that clean.   Who in their right mind puts white carpet in a house in the country?

The dogs are each reacting to the commotion in their own way.  Mason feels that it is his job to mark the path by sleeping in the middle of it.  Smarty feels that it is his job to unpack my boxes as fast as I can pack them.  Butch wanders around the house with a worried look on his face.  I seriously think that he thinks we are going to leave him behind. What is worse, is that he will be left behind for 5 days.  I should have known that he is the only one smart enough to recognize what is happening. The other 2 are oblivious.

Pretty soon I will be shutting off the internet at my house, so it will get kind of quiet here at Herdlife. But that is not for a few days yet.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. Um, yeah. If I ever have to move again, I may just burn everything. I hope the move keeps progressing well. When it's all over, it will be such a blur that you'll hardly remember it.

    1. It is my hope that I remember it so well, I never attempt it again! LOL

  2. I agree, I would hate to move this place, it was bad enough when our basement flooded and we had to clean everything out of there. Somehow it got full again, lol.
    Do you have a job in Arizona (sorry if you said, either I missed it or probly just forgot, I can believe that would happen)

    1. Crystal, I do not have a job lined up yet and it worries me to no end. I have a little bit in savings still, to cover things until I do get a job, but I will need to find something pretty quickly. TC has his income, so we won't be destitute by any means, but I'm the kind of person who needs to have my own money. I do have my resume' posted on and had an employment agency contact me already. They want me to let them know when I am down there for good and they say that with my experience they can get me into a good job pretty quickly. We'll see!

  3. I am just dying to see you all settled into your new place. What a lot of work to get there though!

    1. I am dying for you to see us all settled in too! :)
      It would have been less work if we had stuck to the original plan and just burned it all and started new!

  4. your TC sounds a bit like my hubby, he is a paper hoarder (I do not use the term lightly) I opened a drawer once and found it full of Bargain finder papers,when I started to toss them he said"I need those "(bear in mind some were 3 years old) I asked why"? are we getting a puppy?

  5. I dunno...But the same idiots must have put carpet in our house too. WHITE carpet in a ranch house?...

    That is just dumb, dumb, dumb!!!