Monday, December 2, 2013

I Have an Answer

Do you all remember the picture I bought at the yard sale?

Well I sent a private message on facebook to Tom Kollenborn, a noted historian of our area, and he responded right away.

On the back side of this picture is the name of a Donna Panik and her address where this was mailed to her.  I gave him that information and this is what he told me.

Tom Kollenborn - Lost Dutchman Gold
Here goes Cindy....That is a photo of Uncle Ezra, a winter visitor who arrived in the Junction each winter during the late 60's and 70's. He often played the role of a local prospector. I remember Vic Panik and I believe he was related to Donna. He wrote a book titled "Laughter In Hell," if I remember correctly.

So this is actually someone that he knew, as was the woman to whom this photo was mailed to.

So although there is not a big story to go along with it, at least now the mystery is solved. I guess he was just playing a role.


  1. Exactly what I thought- Cool! Glad you were able to find out.

  2. very cool to have the back story on it

  3. I found an old picture at a garage sale years ago too. It's of an old cowboy with a sugar cube in his hand and his horse is bowing down for the treat. Makes it fun to know some history about your picture.
    Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself down there in the sunshine. Riding a lot and having's your new job going? You mentioned Missy's boots on my blog the other day. She has navicular syndrome, bone cysts (holes) and usually wears special shoes. I'm not going to keep her shod during the non-riding months (too expensive) and I just don't believe leaving shoes on horses continually does anything other than harm in the long-term, so...recently we had her shoes pulled, then a couple weeks later she was trimmed. Now, on those frosty, frozen mud mornings, she's tender-footed. It's been 2 weeks today since her trim and she's doing much better. I'm hopeful that the ground to heel/frog contact will help with the circulation and (hopefully) be helpful in the long term. Then, when riding season rolls around again, I'll probably put the shoes back on her. Long story huh? :)