Monday, December 9, 2013

Sunday Sillies

"Hey Mom, lets go for a ride."

"Okay lets go"

We saddled the horses, warmed them up....okay well I warmed up Trax while Simon finished tacking up his horse.   Trax was feisty but not unruly.  Killian was... Killian.

We headed out and down the road at a slow trot.  We went through the neighborhood but took a slightly different route than before which actually turned out to be a little quieter than my original route.

Just after we hit the desert I remembered that I had installed a "track my workout" app on my phone so I turned it on and stuck it in my pocket.   Besides the goal of getting my horses to "act like broke horses" my main goal is to build up stamina and burn some fat on them.  With that in mind, the minute we are on the sand, we kick up to a faster trot and ask them to stay there the whole way out.  

We headed out to my favorite water hole (water hole # 2 as it is now called)  and goofed around.  We went up and down the hill by the water hole, up and down through steep banks of the washes and in and out of trees where we had to lay low on our ponies necks to keep from getting knocked off.  We road into the shallow end of the water hole and let our tired mounts have a drink.  They splashed around a little but neither one ever drank any.

Then we dismounted and took a break.

After that we headed off again, and made our way back to water hole # 1.  Simon named different parts of the desert. "The bone yard"  "Sunset Pond"  "Stick City"

Then it happened. I saw a tree and I turned around and went back. I never pass up the chance to try a new photo op, and this day was no different. At first Simon's attitude was, "Come one, lets keep riding"  But pretty soon he was joining in and we had a blast.  Here are a few (okay more than a few) of the pictures we took.

Trax thinks that photo ops are for scratching

"Lady, what are you doing down there?"

This is one of my favorites

I am obsessed with these dead trees

Patient pony

The other patient pony

Now is when the fun starts, Simon is such a ham and I love this set of pics. 

Boys always gotta make it about the family jewels. 

This one cracks me up.  Simon wasn't even posing
I took the picture too soon, but look at Killian's expression.

This one is good. 

This was an accidental shot but I love the clouds

I was so busy taking pics that I forgot about my horse.
I finally turned around to check on him.
Such a good boy.

Here he is dragging a log.
If you biggify you can see the rope.
Killian did a great job with this.
We followed behind and then along side so Trax could get used to
the sound of the log crashing into bushes.  

I like this one too.
There were so many more, and this doesn't even include the ones on Simon's phone plus the video's

In the end we ended up riding 6.89 miles, which isn't totally accurate, but close enough.

But most of all we just had so much fun!.

On the way back through the neighborhood, we passed to gals on two horses ponying another. One gal's horse started rearing up and acting a fool when he saw us.  Mean while, our horses didn't do anything more than prick their ears up. Good ponies. I have to say, for all the little idiosyncrasies my horses have, all in all they are pretty good horses.


  1. Great photos! My son used to do silly poses for me on our hiking trips. I like dead wood too. Always have to stop to take pictures of the most gnarly stuff.

    1. Me too, perhaps someday we can ride together and see how many cool trees we can find. I think you would enjoy our desert. Once we get out there, there is never a soul.

  2. Those are some great shots! Love that tree and that desert sky. Sounds like fun!

  3. Love the photos. It just looks like you guys had fun and in the end, isn't that what its all about anyways? Ride on

  4. Love the photos. It just looks like you guys had fun and in the end, isn't that what its all about anyways? Ride on

    1. It is yes, and I almost like that area of desert better than the one behind the locked gate. More trees and washes and stuff.

  5. Thank you for sharing the app for tracking, I'm definitely going to try it. Amazing shots! Old, dead trees and wood are so interesting to look at, so much texture.

  6. Cool tree! The photos are awesome!

  7. Love the pics! Sometimes it does feel a bit annoying to take the time to take silly pics, but in years to come they are always so valued. Would love to come ride there now it is cooler. Unfortunately am on the wrong end of the planet, where it is just starting to heat up badly. Meh.

  8. Wow, oh, wow, those photos with the tree and the clouds in the background are gorgeous!!

  9. I love the photos!!

    Always good to have good horses. ;) I hate it when a horse spooks over another horse, happy to say mine is pretty chill, even when being bucked at. :))

  10. OMG I love the pictures!!! How cool! I am totally jealous!