Friday, December 20, 2013

Random 5 Friday

I haven't done this in a while, so since Nancy is back with hers, I think I will jump back in as well.

1. I love having a Christmas tree, but don't really enjoy the part of setting it up and trying to decorate it.  I also am not good at picking out a tree. Mine are usually dead before I get them home.

2. Sometimes I entertain the idea of looking for another horse, now that Danny is gone.  But what would I do with one?  I can barely afford the ones I have.  Then I think, "well I could get one that isn't a problem horse and maybe have a horse I could compete on. Then Trax could be a trail horse which is what he enjoys."  But that is the crazy in me talking. No new horses....for now.

3.  I do not miss the snow and the cold of WY.  But I do miss sitting next to our pellet stove with a good book when it is cold and snowy outside.

4. When I moved to WY my ex husband taught me how to ski. I'm not big on winter sports but I can stay upright and survive a green diamond (medium) run.  Yet once we split up I never went skiing again and did not miss it.  Now we live 6 hours from the nearest ski resort, and I suddenly find myself wishing I could go ski.  Clearly there is something wrong with me.

5.  If I could have any material item I wanted for Christmas it would be this, I think.  It is an original pastel by Tillman Goodan done in the 40's.  


  1. I am like you and your horses... when it comes to critters. Always dreaming of another, but fortunately, my common sense takes over!

    We just have a little 2 foot artificial tree that's pre-decorated that I put up each year. Not a fan of filling the house with decorations, only to have to put them away in a couple of weeks.

    Happy Holidays Cindy and thank you for joining in this week. xo

  2. one of the reason i love our fake tree ... put it up when you feel like it & take it down when you can. never dies & only sheds a bit here & there. but a vacuum will take care of that. i miss the smell of a real tree. but i think i am allergic to them. i use to break out when i was a kid at my parents house.

    happy weekend for you! ( :

  3. I haven't been skiing in ages. I miss it. What a blast. I managed to get to the blue runs when I went. Main goal for the day? Make 1 clean run without falling down. Once that was done, try for 2...

  4. I love the decorations as well, not so much the putting up and taking down,sigh. Merry Christmas