Thursday, December 26, 2013

Step Away From the Computer Missy!!!!

I should not be doing this, but I have shopping.

Ugh!  I know I know!

I'm only 1/4 serious about it, but all I do is make myself crazy wanting ponies I can not have.

But I'd like to share with you all an add I found.  I like this horse...I think.  I mean he is pretty in the picture, and obviously very well trained (judging from the video) but then there is something about that way he moves that seems odd to me.  Now it might be that he is, or it could be that he is worn out from his life as a competition horse.  The price seems really low for a horse of his training.

$4500 for a horse that I could use in ranch versatility OR ride on the trails????  Must be too good to be true.

Here is the link

When I watch the video I see a horse that is soft and easy, responsive and clearly well cared for.  I watch his front feet and they have nice heel first landings, which (thanks to Sassy) I am learning is pretty darn important. He actually looks to be quite smooth to ride.   But it is his hind end that worries me.   Does anyone else see anything odd or am I just seeing a very wide horse with short legs compensate for how he is built?

I saw a couple of others too, but they were either way out of my price range or just not what I am looking for this time around.  Or rather what I shouldn't be looking for but am...but wait, no, I'm not looking.


I wonder if anyone can guess what I am would be looking for most in a horse. (I mean besides the obvious health, conformation, good feet and safe to ride)


  1. I'm no expert, but he looks like he is stiff, perhaps from an old injury on the right hind, maybe even the hip. He doesn't cross over well on the hind end in one direction, and he doesn't bring that leg as far forward than the others. But otherwise he sure seems like he can do it all.

    1. Ah so I'm not just imagining it. When I had Bricks for that one week, she moved much the same way,only worse I think. He sure is nice though.

  2. I think he looks pretty good. If I "try" to see something wrong in his hind end, he doesn't step forward quite as far under himself with his RH. If that's the case, I'd be willing to bet it's a hock issue...highly unlikely for it to be anything above the hock. 85% of all lameness issues front or behind, are the knee/hock or below...hardly ever a shoulder or hip. However, I still think he's moving fairly good all the way around. He's a heavily-muscled horse, not very tall and they cannot move with as much fluidity as a leaner-bodied horse. Compare him to a body builder vs. a ballet dancer...different types of movement. I agree, that seems like a good price for such a nicely trained horse. He's middle-aged and a gelding, so that's probably part of the reason. If you're seriously interested, I'd recommend having a qualified vet do a pre-purchase exam, and if his flexion tests warrant it, shoot hock x-rays or whatever area the vet is concerned with. A good bit of insurance, those pre-purchase vet checks...based on what I saw though, I like him.

    1. Thank you, I truly am interested in him, although my bank account is much less interested in in NOT AT ALL.
      Yes he doesn't seem to be "lame" in the hind just a little stiff. I wonder if he would move easier with a little less weight on him?
      Who knows, maybe I'll go see him in person....maybe

  3. Hmm, he does seem a bit weird back there but the video being stretched out a little might be part of the cause. He doesn't seem unhappy in his work and since I reckon looking grumpy or shut down shows up unsoundness, that is a good sign. Would need to talk to a vet (hopefully his!) to make sure he isn't getting injected anywhere. It is pretty common with QHs of middle age and up. Also, with him being such a chunker, I'd want to know his HYPP status. Agree with full vetting with x-rays if necessary. Temperament is very important but in the end soundness is paramount. You and i both know the pain of having a dear sweet horse who is not sound! I like him though. He reminds me of the good chestnut QHs I rode and showed as a teen. A bit like riding a boat, but boy would you feel safe up there and you'd have a lot of fun. :)