Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Bit of News

Through a conversation with one of the kids at work a light bulb came on in my head.  He had mentioned that there is a diesel truck parts place in Mesa, and that maybe I should apply there since I have so much experience in that field. 

DUH!!! Why didn't I think of that before?

Not only did I try that particular one, but there was another one more specific to the experience I have located in Chandler, so I went there as well.  

I handed the manager my resume', he looked it over and said, "Wow."  We talked about this and that, and the fact that although the company did have openings they were all in Tolleson.  That would be an incredibly long drive for me. But he said that he would send my resume' over (yeah for the right amount of money I would make that drive) and possibly give it to his service dept who might be looking for a service writer.  

As we were talking we discussed who his regional rep was.  It was the same regional rep that I had in WY.  I had really only brought it up because I was curious, but it paid off in the long run. 

After I left he called that rep and asked him if he knew me.  I guess the rep said, "If you can find a place for her, it would be a good thing for your company."

Yesterday he offered me a job. It is a pretty good job, with some damn good pay, in a field that I am really really good at. AND it isn't in Tolleson. This is a company that I can (and most likely will) move up in, and it won't take 20 years for it to happen. It is a fast growing company that cares about its employee's. 

I have enjoyed my job at the ranch supply store, but what I have learned through this experience is that I am a horrible cashier.  I am great at customer service, but the whole cash register thing puts so much stress on me, I buckle under pressure.  I suddenly forget how to count change, how to ring anything up...yeah it's bad. 

 Or at least it feels bad to me.  

I can't help but think back as to the day when it seemed as though God was sending me to work at that store. If it wasn't to become a big part of that store...what was it?   

I have some theories.  

I have met some great folks there, who I have become pretty friendly with. Folks who also have horses and ride and stuff like me.  

I met a gal who says that she was inspired by me (long story- another day) and that inspiration has lead her to pursue something that she had been putting off for a long time, and that something is coming together for her.  

I also found myself humbled by that position.  For me humble is vital, and I was glad for that wake up call. 

So I am off to take my pre-hire drug test and physical, neither of which will be an issue for me, and if all goes according to plan I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice by Friday.  

I am excited to be back in a position where I know I can excel.  I am relieved that I will be making enough money to pay my bills and take good care of my animals.  I will be glad to be pulling my own fair share again. I hated that I wasn't.  I will be glad to be able to say, "Yes son, you may have a new football."

So for now Bonanza Boarding will be put on hold.  It isn't like anyone was beating down my door anyway. LOL


  1. Yay!!! Thats so good!

    I bet that someday your going to be talking to someone and their going to need a place to board theyr horse....and thats the way that bonanza boarding is going to start :)

  2. Things do have a way of working out the way they are supposed to. Congratulations!! You may even find that you are glad the boarding thing is on hold, trying to make a business out of the things we love often takes all the joy out of it. I hope you enjoy your new job.

  3. Congratulations and may you now enjoy some peace and be a little more happy in your new home...oh, and ditto on everything The Dancing Donkey just said. :)

  4. That's wonderful! God works in mysterious ways doesn't He. I agree with what Dancing donkey said too.

  5. That's wonderful! Congratulations and also what everybody else posted. Things eventually have a way of working out. Sooner is always better though.

  6. Wow!! Congratulations!!!

    I'm a firm believer in 'things happen for a reason'. Sometimes the length we stay somewhere is not what's important. It's the impact we get/give from the experience.