Monday, September 30, 2013

That Sick Feeling

You know that moment when you go out to feed your horses and one is missing and the gate is wide open? Yeah that feeling. Then there is that big smile, huge sigh of relief as you give your "come and get it" whistle and here comes a big red horse at a dead run from somewhere just outside your property line. God kept my guy safe and close to home.. thanks God!


  1. Had that sick feeling last winter when I looked out the bedroom window and saw three horses galloping across the open field behind the house. Seems Blue picked a lock on the gate and took off with some friends. Got them back down the road though.

    1. I do know that terrifying feeling all too well! So glad he was OK

  2. So glad to hear all was well! I've had exactly that feeling, and with a not so good middle (although we did find the whole bunch of them okay in the end, they'd made a complete circuit around the whole mile square before we discovered the gate was down).