Sunday, September 15, 2013

One man's trash....

Friday the 13th was pretty tough, the 14th wasn't much better, and today, even though I have the day off and I know that riding would make me feel better, I didn't get up and ride.  I caught up on my blog reads instead.

I think that maybe I am experiencing a certain amount of depression. Don't worry, I'll get over it.

I did take Sassy for her walk this morning before letting her out with the boys. This time we made 2 laps around the arena. (note to self, DO NOT wear sandals next time)  I might be wrong, it might just be wishful thinking, but it sort of seemed like she is walking better.  By better I mean her short steps are less prominent and sometimes not even visible at all.  Do I dare hope that we are making progress?

Trax on the other hand limped all the way to the pasture. I stopped and checked for a lodged rock or something, but found nothing.  Once he got to the grass he was fine and ran and bucked and trotted and moved completely sound just like he always does.  

In a minute I am going to go clean stalls, and then work my arena  and my round pen and make them nice and soft. Then I will take Trax out there this evening just to make sure he is ok.  Please God, let him be ok.

One good thing happened yesterday, I was at my sons football game and walked past a dumpster where someone had thrown away 2 almost brand new folding lawn chairs.   TC and I have been trying to find some exactly like them, so yes I took them out of the dumpster and put them in the back of the pick up. No sense letting something good go to waste.

Go ahead, and say it...I'm a dumpster diver.  *hangs head in shame*


  1. Well glad Sassy is feeling better but not good for Trax. Makes me laugh the dumpster story, my Gramma used to own a campground and our favorite part of the day was when we went to the dump and she let us look through to see if there was anything we wanted!

    1. I went back out with a hoof pick and found a little rock that was hidden by dirt so a picked his feet out and he seems to be fine. He surely wasn't limping as he made me work to catch him! LOL

  2. Good news about Sassy and Trax! *whew!" It's so scary when something goes wrong with our horses, I always feel so helpless. Hey fellow dumpster diver - I would have taken those chairs in a heartbeat! :) Free is a very good price, am I right?

  3. You should be proud that you didn't let something good go to landfill, not embarrassed! :)